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Comprehensive Training & Support System

As a Franchisor, HUMAN’s success relies on the success of its franchisees. Our belief is that success comes from constant focus on learning and improvement.  That’s why we built the HUMAN Entrepreneurial Development Program. Whether you’re focused on just healthy vending machines and healthy micro markets, or you’re building a SnackNation empire, HUMAN’s training & support will help you achieve your goals.

From robust in person & web-based training to a dedicated account manager and tech support – HUMAN’s program is designed to develop HUMAN franchisees from vending newbies to automated retail rockstars!

HUMAN’s Entrepreneurial Development Program Includes:

HUMAN’s Business Building Bootcamp: “HB3” is the healthy vending industry’s only full immersion experience where HUMAN Franchisees come to HUMAN Headquarters in Southern California and learn everything they need to know about their healthy automated retail businesses.

“H.O.O.P.” 4-Month masterclass that covers everything you need to know about business launch, business optimization, and acquiring more high-quality locations for your business.

Ascension Mastermind: Upon graduation from HOOP, you ascend into a mastermind group of HUMAN franchisees who are at similar stages in their business as you are.  You meet online monthly with your group to discuss successes and obstacles you’re currently experiencing in your business.  There is no agenda except to help each other out.  You’ll be amazed at the value franchisees get by being a part of the Ascension Mastermind.





Fun, Fast-Start Training

HUMAN Business Building Bootcamp (HB3)

What is HB3?

HB3 is the healthy vending industry’s only full immersion experience where HUMAN Vending Operator Partners come to HUMAN Headquarters in Southern California and learn everything they need to know about their healthy vending businesses.

This 3-day super-event combines in-depth machine training, location sales training, business optimization workshops, team activities, and most of all, FUN!

Here’s What You Get:

Equipment Training: Receive in-depth training & instruction on the HUMAN healthy vending machines, healthy micro markets, and snack delivery service called SnackNation

Location Training: Become a HUMAN Location Discovery & Acquisition (LDA) All-Star

Entrepreneurship Training: Learn how to optimize your business now & in the future

Operator Network: Meet and hang-out with other HUMAN operators from all over the country (your new family)

HUMAN Team: Meet the HUMAN corporate team & check-out our California digs

Fun: Everything we do at HUMAN has fun baked into it. Have a ton of fun & enjoy yourself in Southern CA!




Entrepreneurial Development Program

Personal Coaching & Guidance


HUMAN’s Operational Optimization Program (H.O.O.P.) is designed to assist you in post HB3 business setup, optimization and learning. With an indepth curriculum & an online classroom, HOOP sessions are an easy way to build your business. Plus you’ll have a focus group of fellow business owners to bounce ideas off of, solve problems, and learn from.

H.O.O.P. Features:

• Takes you from the fundamentals of successful entrepreneurship through the launch and continual growth of your franchise.

• Group classes conducted online allow peers to interact, learn, practice, and role play with their fellow franchisees – all while being led by experienced entrepreneurial instructors.

• One-on-one sessions to guarantee your questions are answered as you launch, grow, and optimize your franchise.

Ascension Mastermind

Continue your training and take your business to the next level with this “Mastermind” group:

Connect with Franchisees that are in similar stages of their business’ development.

Discuss specific case studies/business development projects that are unique to Franchisees at this stage of development.

Discover solutions for typical business roadblocks using the advice of other Franchisees through open discussion and crowd-sourced brainstorming sessions.

Plus… Have FUN! Develop long lasting relationships with our national network of forward thinking franchise owners.


Online Resources & Communication

Ongoing Training and Support

HUMAN University, A complete library of resources for HUMAN franchisees with 24/7 access.f

HUMAN University: Your Online Resource

As part of the HUMAN team, you will be given access to our exclusive Membership Website – HUMAN University! A complete library of resources with 24/7 access. Advanced Machine Training Videos, Marketing & PR resources, Meeting & Sales advice. A-Z Guides for every part of your HUMAN franchise.

It is important for you to interact with other HUMAN operators based on location, HB3 attendance, location type, and more. As you advance through the HUMAN process you will be given higher membership levels with each level unlocking access to more content.

HUMAN Forum : A Social Network for Business

Get quick advice, stay connected with your peers & celebrate victories! The HUMAN Facebook forum is an active place for news, events and updates. Franchisees find this forum to be one of the most useful & fun aspects of their business!

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Ongoing Business Growth

Support & Accountability for Success

The Top 10 Accounts Program

The Top 10 Accounts Program is designed for HUMAN Franchisees in the field that want to grow their business. The program provides a framework and accountability to help you discover, nurture, and acquire (DNA) high-quality, high-value locations in your area, so you can win better accounts and grow your business & profits. Participation in this Program offers a surefire opportunity for you to grow your Healthy Automated Retail Business in a systematic, laser- focused way.

Your Top 10 Accounts List are quality accounts that you are continuously nurturing, and that are excluded from HUMAN’s continuing LDA campaigns for new franchisees in your area. The Top 10 Accounts Program makes it possible for current franchisees and new franchisees to coexist and grow in the same market.

Why should you participate in the Top 10 Accounts Program?

There are three main reasons:

1) Protects key accounts that you want to pursue and prevents other HUMAN franchisees from pursuing your “dream list” of accounts

2) Helps you maintain laser-focus on nurturing and converting your highest priority accounts

3) Keeps you accountable to actively growing your business and increasing your success

Technical Support

Fast Response Support & Machine Training

Manned by the same technicians who build our machines, our tech support team are true experts who will work with you via phone, web, or even video- chat to diagnose any machine problems. HUMAN utilizes Innovative Procedures that Make Sure You Get Support Fast:

  • Online Support Ticketing System
  • Dedicated Phone Support
  • In-the-Field Tech Support via live iPad video conference
  • HUMAN U video recordings for common repairs
  • Regional Trained Technician Network
  • 1 Day Advanced Machine Training Course
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Annual Elevation Summit

The Annual HUMAN Summit is a coming-together of all of our vending partners for a weekend of continued development. Over the course of three days we explore the best business practices, talk about up-and-coming initiatives, and work to better our businesses and ourselves.

The best thing about the Summit though, is that it’s a chance for all HUMAN players to get together and host a think-tank of business successes, improvements, and industry trends. This weekend also provides many people with the opportunity to make lifelong business connections and friends while having a ton of fun.

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