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Everything You Need To Know About The Healthy YOU Vending Opportunity

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WHAT IS Healthy YOU?

Healthy YOU is a one-of-a-kind nutritional distribution platform that uses healthy vending machines to bring convenient, healthier, and better-for-you foods and drinks to people across the nation. We don’t just partner with people who want to start a healthy vending machine business. Instead, we utilize and develop a network of fun, successful, and passionate social entrepreneurs that are ultra-committed to our overarching vision of making healthy foods more convenient than junk food.

We’re achieving this goal by building a worldwide healthier foods distribution platform and by working ONLY with top-notch operators and locations with whom we genuinely feel fortunate to be partnered. This allows us to create what we call “Healthier People Everywhere” and it’s helping us get closer and closer to our ambitious goal of having more physical nutritional distribution points than any other organization in the world.


At Healthy YOU, Above All Else, We Focus On Our “Why”

That is, we’re more focused on “Why” we’re doing what we do than “what” we’re doing or “how” we’re doing it. Why is this? Because we believe that when you start with “Why” everything else falls into place.

Our Why is that we feel there is nothing more important that we could be doing than increasing access to healthful foods AND developing the social entrepreneurs who can make this happen, all the while creating a lifestyle that they enjoy and are proud of.


In other words, we’re nutrition activists before we’re automated retail professionals, and we’re social entrepreneur developers before we’re a business selling an opportunity.

Whereas other vending companies jumped into the healthy vending arena just to make a buck after years of selling and promoting junk food, and while most “healthy vending” franchises care more about selling machines than they do about the societal impact of their business, our company was created by a biomedical engineer who decided to forgo medical school in order to focus on the larger issues of improving nutrition and disease prevention. Vending and automated retail just happened to be the perfect channel for us to create as large of an impact as possible.

How It Works

Some would just say the timing is right – the nutrition industry is booming, health awareness is skyrocketing, and people want and need to eat healthier more than ever before. Other people might point to our optimized supply chain and product expertise, which allows our operators to deliver the best-selling healthful products to their customers while maintaining both high margins and affordability.

Still, others in our industry say it’s our unique, proprietary and innovative healthy vending machines and superior technology, built specifically to maximize profits and provide the best user experience.

Or maybe it’s the overwhelming importance we place on Location Discovery, & Acquisition for our operators, acting as if each healthy vending business is our very own, and placing more focus on quality than speed of launch. I’m also not surprised when people say it has something to do with our training system, where we place the entrepreneurial development of our operators above all else.


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Everything you need to know about the Healthy YOU Business Opportunity.


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