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The HUMAN Healthy Vending Franchise Business


AndySean-WhatisHUMANPicFounded in 2008 by young entrepreneurs Sean Kelly (30) and Andy Mackensen (35), h.u.m.a.n. (Helping Unite Mankind And Nutrition) is a socially responsible franchisor of healthy vending machine and micromarket franchise businesses, including coffee vending machines, focused on increasing access to better-for-you foods and drinks, fresh fruit, and locally-sourced products.

We utilize and develop a network of fun, successful, and passionate social entrepreneurs that are ultra-committed to our overarching vision of making healthy foods more convenient than junk food.

We’re achieving this goal by installing the most innovative and high-performing healthy vending machine and micromarket programs across North America and by working ONLY with top-notch franchisees and locations with whom we genuinely feel fortunate to be partnered.

This allows us to create what we call “Easy Nutrition Everywhere” and it’s helping us get closer and closer to our ambitious goal of having more physical nutritional distribution points than any other organization in the world.




At OurWhyPhotoHUMAN, above all else, we focus on the “Why,” and we’ve been focusing on the Why since 2003.

That is, we’re more focused on “Why” we’re doing what we do than “what” we’re doing or “how” we’re doing it. Why is this? Because we believe that when you start with “Why” everything else falls into place.

Our Why is that we feel there is nothing more important that we could be doing than increasing access to healthful foods AND developing the social entrepreneurs who can make this happen, all the while creating a lifestyle that they enjoy and are proud of.

In other words, we’re nutrition activists before we’re vending professionals, and we’re social entrepreneur developers before we’re a business-selling franchisor. Whereas other vending companies jumped into the healthy vending arena just to make a buck after years of selling and promoting junk food, and while other “healthy vending” businesses care more about selling machines than they do about the societal impact of their business, our company was created by a biomedical engineer who decided to forgo medical school in order to focus on the larger issues of improving nutrition and disease prevention. Vending just happened to be the perfect channel for us to create as large of an impact as possible.

And while it may seem like all of this Why stuff makes our business soft-that’s not the case. Focusing on the Why is actually good business, and it puts you in a league of your own, especially when you’re in the midst of an industry like vending. How great is that? Social entrepreneurship is not just good for society, it’s also good for the entrepreneur’s pocketbook too!




How have we become the world’s leading franchisor of healthy vending businesses, with hundreds of valued operator partners in over 100 markets and 40 states across the United States, with Inc, Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines ranking us at the top of their business lists?

Some would just say the timing is right – the nutrition industry is booming, health awareness is skyrocketing, and people want and need to eat healthier more than ever before. Other people might point to our optimized supply chain and product expertise, which allows our franchisees to deliver the best-selling healthful products to their customers while maintaining both high margins and affordability.

Still, others in our industry say it’s our unique, proprietary and innovative machines and superior technology, built specifically to maximize healthy vending profits and provide the best user experience.

Or maybe it’s the overwhelming importance we place on Location, Discovery, & Acquisition for our franchisees, acting as if each franchise is were our very own business, and placing more focus on quality than speed of launch. I’m also not surprised when people say it has something to do with our training system, where we place the entrepreneurial development of our franchisees above all else.

While I think all of these just mentioned aspects of the HUMAN program are important, and definitely attribute to our franchisees’ success, and therefore the success of our overall system, I think there is something far more important when speaking about why we’ve gotten to where we are today, and why we continue to grow at a very healthy pace.



SeanLookingUpWithMachineHUMAN Healthy Vending’s Vision is to “Make Healthy Food More Convenient Than Junk Food”

Slogan: “Easy Nutrition Everywhere”

We feel there is nothing more important than increasing access to healthful foods, which is why our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is to “Create More Physical Nutritional Access Points Than Any Other Organization In The World.”

A company’s mission is its driving force. We take our mission Philanthropy so seriously that we decided to make it our name! The big goal? 10,000 machines across all 50 States by 2015 and millions of eating habits changed.




PhilanthropyHUMAN donates 10% of its profits to promote improved nutrition & entrepreneurial education in underserved schools via its charity, HUMAN Everywhere.

HUMAN Everywhere’s overarching mission is to leverage the power of social entrepreneurship to improve the nation’s collective health by increasing access to nutrition education and healthful foods while advocating for public policy that contributes to these goals.

The Young Entrepreneur’s Program is HUMAN Everywhere’s flagship program. The Young Entrepreneur’s Program empowers youth in underserved schools to learn the ropes of social entrepreneurship by owning and operating their own eco-friendly healthy vending business in the comfort of their school and with the support of their peers, school staff and HUMAN Everywhere.


Join Our Network of Social Entrepreneurs. When talking about the business side of our social enterprise, it’s clear that there is nothing more important to us than being seen and remembered as “The World’s Most Elite Entrepreneurial Developers.” You’ll learn and feel this whole-heartedly the very first time you experience HUMAN as an official franchisee.
You’ll also experience being a part of The HUMAN Family, which is a fun, successful, and passionate community of social entrepreneurs who own and operate their own network of healthy vending machines while creating massive value and influence in their local communities.



The “Full Veto Power” Guarantee
You have the final say on all of your machine placements in locations. Period.

Said another way, you have FULL control over where your healthy vending machines are placed and you may reject ANY location in which we recommend machine placement. If we recommend a location placement and you don’t like it or don’t want your machine there, just say, “no thanks.” You have the ultimate veto power on where your machines are placed. Be wary of healthy vending companies that REQUIRE you to place machines without your acceptance.

The “In-House Only Location Sourcing” Guarantee
All in-house LDA team, guaranteed.

Most healthy vending companies outsource their location sourcing services to outside contractors or vending locators. In fact, many of them use the exact same companies so you’re actually competing against other healthy vending companies without even knowing it! Don’t fall victim to this.

HUMAN built its own Location, Discovery, & Acquisition (LDA) system because the outsourced options in the market didn’t cut it. We know because we’ve worked with many of them in the past. In fact, it took HUMAN over 10 years to perfect the system!

HUMAN guarantees its LDA team is comprised of in-house HUMAN location experts that run a proprietary, built-from-the-ground-up, LDA System that delivers high-value locations to its franchisees. Because most other healthy vending companies outsource their location services, the people performing those services are more invested in finding a location as quickly as possible so they can get paid faster vs. being fully invested in the process and sourcing locations based on the success those locations will bring to the franchisee. There’s a BIG difference there! Make sure you fully understand this before proceeding with outsourced location services.


The “Free In-Bound Locations Leads” Guarantee: Get a continuous flood of location leads for free.

HUMAN Healthy Vending has created the vending industry’s most comprehensive, expansive, and SEO-optimized network of lead generating websites on the internet today. This means we have a national presence while being visible on a local scale. When high quality locations in your area search for vending services online, your customized website will be highly visible in the search engines, which means locations find you first, before the other competitors in the area. This means that interested locations give us their information and we set you up with high quality meetings with locations that want your services. THIS is a powerful way to grow a long-term sustainable business.


The “Lowest Cost Products” Guarantee
HUMAN Healthy Vending sources for you the lowest cost healthy vending products in the industry, guaranteed. If you can source a lower price on your healthy vending collective bundle (the average price of all the products in your machine) via another healthy vending company, we’ll beat the collective bundle cost, guaranteed.

Why We Offer This Guarantee
No other healthy vending company can get pricing lower than we can. Why? We’ve been doing healthy vending for over 10 years and we’ve built the strongest relationships in the healthy vending industry. In addition, we have hundreds of franchisees in the field and this creates a “co-op” or group purchasing power with our distributors that can’t be rivaled.

Don’t fall victim to overpriced product catalogs and online web ordering portals with massively marked-up items. Ensure that you’re maximizing the ROI in your business by focusing on your #1 leverage point – top-selling products at the best possible prices. No one else provides this “low price” guarantee.

Training-GuaranteeOther Guarantees

Training Guarantee
We guarantee that no other healthy vending company will provide better training, coaching and support to help make you an automated retail rockstar and successful healthy vending social entrepreneur.

People Guarantee
We guarantee that you will find no other team of passionate people more committed to the development of you as a social entrepreneur and our collective vision to “Make Healthy Food More Convenient Than Junk Food.” Social entrepreneurship and improving nutrition across the world are our two passions – we’re a cause-driven organization that exists for the sake of creating a significant and beneficial impact to society


3 Dangerous Trends
Since 2002, we’ve seen many disturbing trends in the vending industry. Through experience, dedication, and a huge passion for health, we’ve built a turnkey vending opportunity that ensures our franchisees profit from these trends and also improves people’s lives by way of health & nutrition. Click the "Next" Arrow to learn how to:

1. Profit from the 3 Most Dangerous Trends facing vending business owners today

2. Attract the best locations by offering the finest foods and beverages in the most advanced machines

3. Eliminate the dangerous mistakes, annoying hassle, and unnecessary costs that KILL your chances of ever running a highly profitable vending business
Dangerous Trend #1
Since 1999, vending operator profits have been on a steady decline
Back then the average profit margin was 9%. Now,
in the traditional vending industry, it's a measly 1.5%.
Why is this happening?

1. Increased food, gas, labor and machine costs

2. Consumers are not wiling to spend more money for traditional vending, unhealthy vending items

3. No additional revenue streams have been opened-up to vending operators for decades

4. The best locations will not accep traditional junk-food vending machines - they demand better
Vending Operators need to upgrade their businesses and find a way to:

1. Make more money per vend

2. Increase sales volume

3. Spend less time/money servicing their routes

4. Find HIgher Quality locations

5. Develop new revenue streams. Plummeting profits lead to the next dangerous trend in the vending industry.
Dangerous Trend #2
Technology Adoption in Vending is SLOW
Due to low profits, most traditional vending operators do not have the funds to invest in the technology that can save them money. Such technologies include:

1. Credit & Debit Card Readers – increase sales and provide customers with greater spending flexibility

2. Remote Monitoring Systems – reduce operator route costs, hassle managing inventories, and time stocking machines

3. Energy-Saving Devices – energy savings of up to 50% compared to traditional vending machines

Investing in these technologies can save vending operators 20-40% in route costs over the long run!
Beyond new money-saving technologies, vending operators need to focus on new money-earning technologies. Operators need:

1. Added revenue streams without added costs

2. Other profit drivers besides product sales

3. Machines that attract and educate consumers

4. Technology that increases Return on Investment

The bottom line: Traditional vending operators need to adopt new vending technologies NOW or they’ll lose the game to smarter and faster vending operators who use new vending technologies to generate higher profits.But, all of this is only feasible if vending operators avoid the next major pitfall.
Dangerous Trend #3
Lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity & diabetes are wreaking havoc on our healthcare system, economy, and happiness.

The traditional vending industry is promoting this massive problem.

1. 85% of the food served through vending machines is junk food

2. 65% of Americans are obese or overweight

3. Obesity costs the U.S. over $147 billion in preventable spending annually

4. Employer costs associated with inactivity and obesity total $28 billion annually

5. Diabetes is costing America $58 billion per year in reduced national productivity
Consumers, officials, and business owners are realizing the harmful effects of poor eating & the very positive effects of a healthy diet.

1.Schools and local governments are BANNING junk food vending machines and replacing them with healthy vending machines

2. Consumers are willing to pay more for healthy products which make them feel & perform better

It’s clear that promoting junk food & poor nutrition is unhealthy for your customers & your profits. Lucky for you, you’ve found a better way.

The #1 Cause of OBESITY & DIABETES?
Your Opportunity
HUMAN Healthy Vending Business:
The Vending Machine Business that BUCKS Trends
We've flipped the vending industry on its headby creating an outside-of-the-box approach that makes vending operators more money and consumers healthier & happier.

Our program works because it was built on the foundation of three very strong consumer trends:

1. Health & Nutrition - Our products help people attain a higher quality of life via better nutrition

2. Convenience - We're making it easier than ever before for people to eat healthy and achieve a healthy lifestyle

3. Advertising & Technology - Our program capitalizes on the booming digital advertising industry and guarantees you make money from it.

The main benefits of our program include:

1. Products – the largest & lowest cost selection of healthy snacks & drinks proven to sell

2. Profits – higher profits per item sale, plus the addition of digital advertising revenues

3. Machines – Attractive, innovative machines that add more to your bottom line

4. Locations – only premium real estate

5. Feel Great – be a part of something bigger than yourself and help fight obesity and malnutrition at the same time!
Buck the Trend #1
Better Products, Locations & Technology = PROFITS
The h.u.m.a.n. Healthy Vending Program delivers higher profits to YOU …period.

Higher Sales Volume: Healthy AND Tasty Products – For healthy products to sell, they have to taste good. We’ve tested over 500 products and know what consumers like and what they don’t -Proven Sales!

Higher Profit/Sale: Higher Product Price Points Consumers are willing to spend more for healthy products that make them feel good. The average profit per sale is 2x as high as traditional vending!

Better Locations: Premium Real Estate ONLY Our premium program attracts the finest locations where people are willing to pay for better nutrition & understand the added benefit of health foods/drinks.

Advanced Machines: Money-Saving Technology Credit card readers allow for higher priced items, remote monitoring systems lower stocking & inventory costs, & power-saving devices decrease energy fees.

Digital Advertising: An Added Revenue Stream h.u.m.a.n. machines are equipped with digital LCD screens that provide streaming ads which inform the consumer and bring-in $$ for our operators.

Higher Margins: The Lowest Wholesale Prices h.u.m.a.n. does not make money wholesaling products to our operators. We only make money when you do! Thus, we can offer our products at the lowest prices.
Buck the Trend #2
The Most Innovative Vending Technology in the Industry

"Hello, I am h.u.m.a.n." When our machines introduce themselves, it.s clear that not your typical vendors. Like humans, our machines are smart, innovative, & have been designed to hold position at the top of the food chain.

Higher Profit/Sale: Higher Product Price Points Consumers are willing to spend more for healthy products that make them feel good. The average profit per sale is 2x as high as traditional vending!

• Wireless Credit & Debit Card Readers. Cashless payment capabilities give customers more spending flexibility - can vend higher priced items!

• Remote Monitoring System. Always knowing exactly what's in your machine means less hassle, lower overhead, and smarter operations.

• Eco-Friendly Machine Motors. Up to 50% energy cost savings means higher profits.

• Digital, Streaming, High-Definition LCDs. The most innovative, revolutionizing vending technology ever released.

• Digital Advertising: New Revenue Stream. Capitalize on the booming market of digital advertising via remotely-loaded, streaming video ads on every machine. And we set it all up for you!

• Attractive, 23" High-Definition Screens. Increases the "wow" factor of your machines, attract more eyeballs, and enhance your location's image.

• Videos Educate Consumers About Healthy Items. An informed customer base leads to more vends.
Buck the Trend #3
With h.u.m.a.n., Healthy Eating has Never Been Easier

We're Helping Unite Man And Nutrition by making healthy foods & drinks more accessible than ever before.
When vending healthier foods & drinks, vending operators can expect to:

1. Make higher revenues & profits per vend

2. Experience higher numbers of vends per day at health-conducive, high-end locations

3. Be on the cutting-edge - the health trend is picking-up speed, interest in junk food is slowing down

4. Make people healthier, happier, & better performing by providing easy access to high-quality nutrition

As the healthy vending founders, we know healthy vending items better than anyone!

Product Mix: Our healthy vending experts advise you exactly what foods & drinks (called a planogram) to offer based on your location to ensure optimum sales levels.

Largest Selection, Lowest Prices, Fastest Delivery: We offer the largest selection of healthy vending snacks & drinks at incredible discounts. With over 10 warehouses across the nation, we guarantee the quickest delivery, too.

We Make No Money from Product Sales: We only make money when you do - that's the way it should be!
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