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Make Money Running Your Own Vending Machines

Vending Opportunities

Vending machines

We all know what vending machines are. You’ve seen them in almost every break room, amusement park, and shopping mall imaginable.

When you think about what vending machines look like, what usually comes to mind? Usually some boxy, brown snack machine or a Coca-Cola branded beverage machine is the most familiar.

Did you know that these vending machines represent a FRACTION of the vending machines out there?

Throw out your old idea of what a vending machine looks like. Vending technology has allowed vending machines to transform into something called automated retail. What is automated retail, you ask?

Now, vending machines are anything but ordinary. You can sell practically anything in a vending machine. The main premise behind a vending machine is convenience and accessibility. A customer puts in money into the machine, and instantly gets a product in return. Sure, traditional vending machines are the most prevalent and most well-known, but below are some vending machine types that you may not have considered!

Why Our Vending Machines Are Different

Bulk Vending

Bulk vending usually vends unwrapped products such as Skittles, M&M’s, gum balls, etc.

They are found in restaurants, shopping malls, and other retail locations.

Photo Booth

Yes, photo booths are a type of vending machine! These are often found in movie theaters and shopping malls. A customer enters the booth, takes an average of four poses, and receives a photo strip at the end.

Ice Cream Machine

These machines have a variety of ice cream choices, ranging from popsicles to ice cream sandwiches.

DVD Vending Machine

The most common example of this is RedBox, which vends DVD’s for a dollar. It’s a cheaper, more convenient alternative to a video rental store. The customer chooses a DVD from a wide selection and usually needs to return it to the machine by the next day.

Toy Vending

The most recognizable of this type of machine is the “claw” machine, where a customer inserts for a chance to win some type of toy, such as a stuffed animal.

Automated Retail Machine

Automated retail machines vary by the products they sell inside. Some sell electronics, such as mp3 players, some sell skin care products, and some sell colognes and perfumes. Basically, anything can be vended from a automated retail machine.

Healthy Vending Machine

Healthy vending machines offer 100% healthy snacks, foods, and drinks. Products include trail mixes, granola, protein bars, meal replacement bars, healthy chips and cookies, premium waters, organic juices, protein shakes, and much more.

Coffee Machines

Coffee Vending Machines brew coffee on the spot. Espresso, coffees, mochas, lattes, and hot chocolate are among the most popular choices.

As you can see, vending machines are more than just snack and soda machines!

There is great opportunity to make money in running your own machines. Automated retail is an up-and-coming trend, and there is opportunity for growth.


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