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Vending Machines in School – Fight Childhood Obesity and Improve Student Performance



How can vending machines in schools fight childhood obesity? This question may seem like an oxymoron, considering most vending machines in schools carry the most unhealthy products out there.

Childhood obesity is a BIG problem. Did you know that Obesity costs the US over 117 billion dollars every year?

The typical high school has at least one vending machine. Some may have numerous vending machines, ranging from ice cream machines to chocolate milk machines to snack machines. This definitely doesn’t do anything to help kids eat and live healthier. Kids are in school a good chunk of their day. What better place to encourage healthy eating habits than in the place they spend half their day?

With healthy vending, it’s possible. Healthy vending machines offer numerous benefits to students, teachers, and administrators alike. Now that more and more states are mandating stricter nutrition standards in schools, healthy vending provides a smooth transition into these changing policies. Not only that, schools actually make money through location commissions, meaning they get a percentage of total product sales. Most importantly, students’ health and behavior is improved.

Not only do traditional vending machines in schools offer students tons of products filled with empty calories, they are ALWAYS ON. That means students can purchase these unhealthy items whenever they want. Without their parents to oversee their snack choices, students are at liberty to eat candy bars and sugary sodas, numerous times a day if they so choose

This is pretty scary!


Join The Fight Against Childhood Obesity


Not only can kids buy these products when they want, it is the only food and drink option available when the cafeteria is closed! Traditional problems hurt more than they help, and can lead to:

  • Childhood obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Malnutrition

Traditional vending teaches kids unhealthy eating habits that carry over into adulthood. Healthy vending machines fight this epidemic directly. They offer snacks and drinks filled with nutritious, natural ingredients. Did you know that healthy vending machines even offer technology that reads student IDs!

With recent national and state legislation requiring strict standards on school health and nutrition, your old vending machines may not even comply!

Healthy vending machines also improve student performance. In your average school, from the period after lunch to before school lets out, there is a peak time when students start to get restless. Kids grab a candy bar from the vending machines, get riled up. Some kids get into fights, some make fun of other kids, some roughhouse. Either way…

a lot of schools have to deal with numerous disciplinary actions per day!

What does this have to do with anything?

The SUGAR in traditional vending snacks wreaks havoc. It makes kids hyper, and when the sugar rush wears off, they crash, which leads to less focus.

Healthy vending snacks not only lead to less disciplinary action, they:

  • Burn calories slower, giving kids more balanced energy throughout they day
  • Provide more focus
  • Improve memory

In sum, healthy vending machines in schools give students the energy they need throughout the day. They allow students to perform better, behave better, and feel better!



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