Vending Machine Franchise – 5 Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing A Vending Business

A vending machine franchise is a popular option for entrepreneurs who are looking for a simple, highly scalable business.

In contrast with many other types of businesses, vending offers independent operators a unique level of freedom and flexibility. Operating the business can be a single-person job, on virtually any schedule. There are no doors to open and close every day. No employees to manage (unless you hire others to manage inventory and collections). No face-to-face interaction with consumers. As long as the machines are stocked and operational, then the business virtually runs itself.

However, not every vending machine franchise offers the same potential. If the machines aren’t stocked with the right products, placed in the right locations or designed to attract customers, then your revenue will fall flat.

As you compare vending businesses, here are some key questions to ask to ensure your chosen franchise is set up for success.

What To Ask About A Vending Machine Franchise

1. What products are being sold?
This is possibly the single most important question you should ask about every vending machine franchise you consider. To ensure your success as a vending operator, you need to sell products that people want and need. Gumballs and kids’ tinker toys simply don’t cut it. The products need to be high-quality, yet priced right. They need to provide a value to consumers while also filling a need.

2. How much training and support is available?
While running a vending business can be simple, you want to make sure you follow the franchisor’s plan for success – a plan that has been proven and perfected by other business owners before you. This is why training is so important. Look for businesses that offer focused training to help you maximize your success from Day 1, plus ongoing support to provide help and expertise when you need it.

3. What is the business model?
Does the vending machine franchise (More Info) have a specific mission? Or, do you simply place the machines in any spot you can and hope for the best? Remember: when vending is done right, the payoff potential can be enormous. Successful franchises like HUMAN Healthy Vending have a solid mission and business model for entrepreneurs to follow. Without these items in place, your success is virtually based on guesswork.

4. What makes the machines unique?
Don’t make the mistake of choosing a franchise that uses the same old machines that have been around for decades. Look for businesses that offer unique, state-of-the-art machines that stand out, attract customers, build credibility and make your life easier as a vending operator.

5. Who is the target market?
Like any business, you need to know who your demographic is. This will help determine where to place your machines, which products to stock and how to approach the overall business. Be wary of any company that tells you that your potential customers are simply “everyone.” While it could be true that your products may appeal to a diverse group of people, having a focused market will allow you to have a more focused business strategy and thus maximize your sales potential.

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