Vending Franchise Reviews – 4 Things To Ask Other Business Owners Before Starting Your Business

Looking at vending franchise reviews can be a good way to gain better insight into a business. But as you compare reviews online, it’s important to be aware that not all of them are what they seem.

As a prospective franchisee, you have to question who’s behind the review, where it’s coming from and how reliable the information is. For example, is it written by someone who has run the business themselves – and if so, how can you be sure? Is it written by a third-party who has no affiliation with the businesses being reviewed? Or, does the review seem oddly slanted and possibly written by someone who works for the company?

It’s not always easy to tell, which is why it’s a good idea to reach out directly to other franchisees, instead of relying solely on vending franchise reviews posted online. After all, what better resource is there than those who have invested in and operated the business themselves?

When talking to a representative of the franchise you’re considering, ask if you can speak to a handful of franchisees who have had at least a few months of experience running the business. As you speak to each one, use the questions below to gain some of the key information you need to help you make a decision.

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A Better Alternative To Using Vending Franchise Reviews – Ask Questions!

How much training or support do/did you receive from the franchisor?
This one is important because you’ll want to know if the company will truly set you up for success – or leave you to figure it out on your own. Ask detailed questions about the training: what was taught, how helpful was it, and so on. Also, after training is done, do you still have access to support from the franchisor when you need it?

How well are the products selling?
Some franchisors will say anything to make you think they offer “the latest, greatest” products. But unless you ask a franchisee who is actually doing it, then you’ll never know for sure. Plus, you’ll never get this kind of information in vending franchise reviews (Learn More). Ask the franchisee pointed questions: which products are selling, how quickly, what prices are working, what are the profit margins, and so on. Don’t settle for vague answers!

Which locations work best? How did you acquire them?
Good franchisors will help you obtain high-traffic locations that are a great fit for your target market. Find out if the franchisee received this help, how easily it is to get new locations, and which ones are performing best.

What challenges do you need to be aware of?
Every business poses unexpected obstacles – it’s practically a requirement of becoming an entrepreneur! But by asking other franchisees about those challenges, you can limit unexpected surprises and be better prepared to tackle those obstacles when they arise.

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Still Looking For Vending Franchise Reviews?

If you’re set on using vending franchise reviews to help you decide which vending business is right for you, then why not conduct your own?

Take the time to do your own thorough research by contacting several vending franchises, asking questions and speaking to as many other franchisees as possible.

At HUMAN Healthy Vending, we’re happy to provide as much information as you need about our fresh, healthy products, innovative vending machines, progressive social mission and commitment to franchisees like yourself.

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