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Which Vending Companies
are Right For You?

Vending Opportunities

Vending companies

When it comes to choosing a vending company, which is the best fit for your location?

Let’s focus on two main types of vending companies:  traditional and healthy.

Traditional vending is most likely the most familiar. It’s vending we all know–snack and beverage machines filled with traditional vending items. Products include candy bars, potato chips, cookies, and soda. It doesn’t take an expert nutritionist to realize that these products are not very healthy.

Traditional vending snacks and drinks are convenient, yet loaded with sugar, sodium, calories, and a myriad of other man-made concoctions that don’t do the body much good. Also, the machines tend to be bulky, unattractive, and outdated. 

This provides the perfect segue to the next type of vending machine companies–healthy vending companies. Healthy vending machines provide the same benefit of convenience without sacrificing health and nutrition. 

You’re probably wondering, “Healthy vending…I’ve never seen such a machine.”

That’s because healthy vending is a pretty recent phenomenon, but it’s spreading like WILDFIRE. Health and nutrition is a hot trend right now.

Healthy vending machines capitalize on this by only offering 100% healthy snacks, foods, and drinks. 

Not to mention, healthy vending machines feature state-of-the-art technology. These machines come equipped with digital LCD screens that can display nutritional information and advertisements, remote monitoring systems, cashless (Debit/Credit) payment systems, and conveyor belts instead of those old-school coils.

Why Choose HUMAN Healthy Vending?

What Kind Of Vending Companies
Are The Best?

It depends on whether you want to go with an already-tapped industry, or choose an innovative, up-and-coming, health-conscious industry. 

Here are some trends we’ve noticed in the vending industry:

– Profit Margins are Plummeting 

– Technology Adoption is Slow

– Traditional Vending Promotes Obesity and diabetes

Here’s where it’s heading…

Profit margins aren’t that good with traditional vending.  “Healthy” is a fast-growth segment and that’s the one to be in.

Credit cards/remote monitoring –  This trend is picking up as technology is widely available and affordable.

Eco-friendliness – Machines will become more and more energy efficient.

Digital advertising and nutritional education is a very hot trend right now. This is a HUGE way to monetize the traffic at your locations and to add an extra revenue stream.

Philanthropy  More vending companies will start to give back to charities because this is an important element of social business in the 21st century. Basically, being a good human being is in.In the grand scheme of things, which vending companies are your best fit?  Well, for maximized success, make sure your machines and your program are positioned to leverage these changes!  DON’T be like the traditional vending industry.  Be forward looking and make sure your machines are future-proofed for all these changes. 

The answer is pretty clear. 


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