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Vending business

The vending business is one that’s been around for a while, but did you that now is the time to capitalize on it? You’re probably thinking, “but vending is just so boring.” 

You’re right. Vending is boring. Practically nothing in the industry has changed. But did you know there is a new vending business in town? That’s right…healthy vending is a fairly recent industry that is revamping everything you knew about the stagnant, $30 billion vending industry.

I think you know where we’re going with this. Healthy vending is the business to get into. But before you think about healthy vending, forget everything you assume about the vending business.

Forget about the plain, bulky machine. Forget about the countless times you spent standing in front of a vending machine, eyes glazed over as you chose a candy bar that you knew wasn’t good for you.

Forget your frustrations as the machine wouldn’t take your semi-crinkled one dollar bill. And, forget about the times when your bag of chips was stuck hanging off of a coil and your desperate attempt to do anything possible (without it being illegal) to free your purchase from its trap.

Traditional vending machines are everywhere you look. There is nothing special about them, and we all know them well. That vending business is outdated.

It’s time for a new venture. However, vending in itself is a great concept, especially as our society has gotten more and more fast-paced. People have less time to sit down for a meal, so they often turn to vending machines as their source of food.

Are you ready to hear about the healthy vending business? I guarantee it’s like no vending machine you’ve seen before. 

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HUMAN Healthy Vending Machines Feature
State-of-The-Art Vending Technology

 These machines come equipped with:

– 23” LCD monitors on top of the machines (which can display advertisements or nutritional information

– Conveyor belts instead of coils

– Debit/credit card readers

– Touch screen LCD 

– Attractive graphics

Along with this, HUMAN Healthy Vending machines were created with three main goals…

Increase revenues & profits for vending operators & sales commissions for locations.


It’s Time To Jump Into The Vending Business!


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