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Not Your Ordinary Vending Machine

Your everyday, old-fashioned vending machine hasn’t changed all that much over the last couple decades. Sure, the graphics and logos have changed; the products have been updated; and the prices have gone up. But the way those machines work – for both consumers and the people who operate them – are based on the same outdated, inadequate technology that nearly killed the vending industry.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why those machines are so ineffective in today’s marketplace.

5 Deadly Vending Machine Features

1. No credit card readers.
Amazingly, the vast majority of vending machines in the marketplace still don’t have credit card readers. They only collect bills and coins. This eliminates a huge population of consumers who prefer not to carry cash on them. Without credit card readers, vending operators are leaving money on the table.

2. Faulty coils.
It’s an age-old problem: You buy something from a vending machine. It gets stuck in the coils. It doesn’t deliver your product. Your money is gone. Would you believe that machines are still using this awful technology today, even when customers are getting ripped off and making a conscious decision to avoid those machines in the future? These old-fashioned coil systems just don’t work anymore.

3. Boring, lifeless graphics.
Your average vending machine has a very difficult time competing with all the other distractions and visual stimuli in today’s marketplace. Those lifeless, old machines just don’t attract the attention of consumers who are in a rush, on the go, and distracted by other things like their smartphones.

4. Single revenue stream.
The majority of machines on the market allow only one stream of revenue: from the sale of products. For operators, this means lower profits than ever as more people are passing by those old machines, and as the costs of fuel and maintenance increase. Today’s machines need to have additional ways for operators to earn revenue, or the opportunity hardly makes financial sense.

5. Time-consuming inventory checking.
Checking on inventory has always been a very manual, time-consuming process. Vending operators simply had to guess when the machines would need to be restocked, based on previous sales. With the cost of gasoline higher than ever, this process is very inefficient and it drains money from the pockets of operators.


The HUMAN Healthy Vending Machine Difference

At HUMAN Healthy Vending, we understand the many challenges facing the vending machine (Learn More) industry. That’s why we’ve revolutionized the market with cutting-edge machines that benefit both consumers and operators alike.

Our machines use attractive LCD screens that grab attention and help increase sales. The screens also stream video ads, which create an additional source of revenue for operators. Inside, we use conveyor belt systems instead of coils to ensure that consumers get their product. In the event that something goes wrong, they get their money back instantly. The machines also have secure credit card readers, which can be programmed to accept company/school IDs too. Remote monitoring technology also makes it easy for operators to check on inventory from anywhere, which reduces route costs by 20-40%.

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