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How to Find the Most Profitable Franchises

Every prospective business owner wants to be successful, but the tricky part is finding the most profitable franchises before making an investment or signing an agreement of any kind.

Taking the time to identify the most successful opportunities beforehand will not only help ensure your success, but will also save you time and money.

So, how do you separate the best franchises from the duds? If you notice that certain businesses in your region are popping up all over place, don’t make the mistake of assuming those businesses are profitable. In order to determine if a franchise offers a truly good opportunity, you’ll need to dig a little deeper.

Here’s how.

Identifying the Most Profitable Franchises

Check the financials directly.

Did you know that you have a right as a prospective franchisee to request the revenues, profits and losses of the vending opportunity you’re reviewing?

While businesses aren’t required to disclose all their financials, they must be able to substantiate all claims they make about profitability, under laws set by the FTC. Look for specific information in the franchise disclosure agreement, and if you don’t find anything, be sure to ask.

Evaluate projections carefully.

If the business is already doing well now, that’s great – but what about the future? In addition to requesting information on current profitability, look for projections about where the franchise is headed over the next year, two years from now, 10 years from now, and so on.

Of course, no one knows for sure what any given industry will look like tomorrow. But you’ll feel more confident working with a company that invested heavily into providing detailed financial projections for their business to prospective investors.

Talk to current franchisees.

The numbers may look great on paper, but they don’t always tell the whole story. One of the best ways to identify the most profitable franchises is to talk directly with business owners.

Talking to current franchisees will allow you to see just how lucrative the opportunity truly is. Not only that, you’ll be able to see which obstacles other business owners are facing, and you can see how those franchisees feel about their business, the support they receive from the franchisor and much more.

Determine the market demand for the products.

It’s no secret that the most profitable franchises (Learn More) are successful because of their products. If you don’t have a good product, one that provides value to the customer or fulfills a need, then the business is destined for failure.

To ensure long-term profitability, you need to do your market research. Make sure the product has a strong demand in the area where you plan to operate and that people are willing to pay the prices you’ll be asking.


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