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Over 29% of adults and nearly 20% of children in Tennessee are over weight or obese. Although there are programs in Nashville, TN like, Nashville Takes Action, that are working to reduce obesity rates, much can be done to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

It’s difficult to tell if the current vending companies in Nashville are providing healthier eating habits for its younger residents. That doesn’t mean we can’t take a proactive stance in Nashville and start promoting healthier snacks and meals. For healthier vending services in Nashville, consider HUMAN.

HUMAN, Helping Unite Mankind and Nutrition, was founded by Sean Kelly in 2008, on a simple, powerful idea: “Easy Nutrition Everywhere.” If it isn’t obvious already, HUMAN’s goal is to make it easy to eat healthy even on the go. HUMAN is dedicated to expanding their mission to the Nashville, Tennessee area and partnering with those also passionate about healthy nutrition.

Leading the healthy vending revolution with machines all over the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, HUMAN plans to have 10,000 machines placed across all 50 states by 2015. Locations include YMCA’s, schools, office buildings and more, with Nashville as a key area for placing HUMAN’s healthy vending machines and working to eliminate obesity.

Although HUMAN is deeply rooted in the vending business, they are not simply a vending company. They also provide Micro Markets as a supplement to vending machines. The Hand Stand, as HUMAN calls it, is an unattended healthy convenience store with a self-checkout kiosk built into the location. The main target of Micro Markets is corporate office buildings, hotels and hospitals to name a few.

To learn how you can get one of our uniquely powerful vending machines or Micro Markets in or around Nashville, Tennessee, at no cost to you, click here.

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