Meet the Founders

Sean Patrick Kelly
CEO, Chief Humanist

Sean was born and grew up in Traverse City, MI as the son of an athletic dentist father with an almost maniacal work ethic and an adventurous teacher mom with an insatiable passion to serve others. These two exemplified traits – work harder than those around you and serve others before yourself – became the foundation from which Sean was built. Along with his paternal grandfather, who started giving Sean biomedical engineering journals at the age of twelve, Sean’s parents also stressed the importance of maintaining a high quality of health, fitness and nutrition in leading a happy, fulfilled and high-performance life. As a result, nutrition and athletics were a staple of Sean’s early years. He competed intensely on the varsity soccer and track teams in high school, won two national championship medals in freestyle snowboarding as a teenager, and became a certified personal fitness trainer at the age of seventeen. read more..


Andy2Andrew Mackensen

Social entrepreneur, avid snow skier, and internet marketing aficionado, Andy believes entrepreneurs should effect positive change by actively seeking solutions to the world’s largest challenges. His big goal for HUMAN: 10,000 high-performing healthy vending machines in the field by 2015. Andy holds a BS from Boston University, an MBA from Stanford University, and he is devoted to helping other passionate social entrepreneurs jump-start a rewarding career that gives back to a worthy cause – ending the childhood obesity epidemic worldwide. Andy is from Hampton, NH and led a Navy Special Forces team as a Fast Boat Commander during the second Iraq War.



What One Lunch Can Do!

Sean and Andy met over lunch in August of 2007 at the PF Chang’s in El Segundo, CA thanks to a mutual friend’s introduction (don’t worry, they only ate the few healthier, “HUMAN-approved” menu items). At the time, Sean was preparing to leave his previous company to start a new and improved healthy vending venture while Andy was neck-deep in the creation of an innovative, hot food vending concept after graduating from business school. After masterminding together for a few months, it became clear to Andy and Sean that they worked well together, had the same core values, and had a congruent vision for what they wanted to achieve by way of social entrepreneurship. Thus, Sean and Andy officially became business partners not out of design but rather serendipity, and with that, the wild and ambitious idea to “make healthy food more convenient than junk food” was born. HUMAN launched in the summer of 2008, and the rest, as they say, is history…




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