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“HUMAN Touch”

Interactive Touch Screen Vendor


Primary Features

  • •46” 1080p interactive touchscreen display
  • variety of customizable user experiences as well as HD videos or still images played to promote content or to generate revenue via advertisements
  • Targeted advertising or vending apps, such as games, social media tie-ins, gifting, sampling and loyalty programs, that are based on anonymous demographics, idle time or purchases
  • Products displayed in 3D, sorted in custom categories, shown with product details / contents, and nutritional and ingredient information
  • Access to a database of thousands of products, images and nutritional information
  • 24/7 Internet connectivity
  • State-of-the-art vending hardware and software, including the VE UCB with MDB, DEX and guaranteed delivery
  • Cameras for anonymous demographics
  • QR barcode reader
  • Multiple payment capabilities, including mobile wallet, credit card, cash and near field communication (“NFC”), which enables payments via smartphones
  • Ability to remotely manage and monitor machines through a web-based content management system
  • Access to a complete system of analytics and diagnostics

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