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“The Arctic HUMAN”

Heavy Duty Frozen Foods Vendor

Arctic HUMAN Healthy Vending Machine

Primary Features

  • Frozen Healthy Meals: Vends A Wide Variety Of Tasty And Nutritious Full Frozen Meals (In Multiple Shapes And Sizes)
  • Rugged Design: Built for outdoor use
  • Advanced Insulation: Keeps Your Products Cold While Reducing Energy Consumption
  • Vend-Sensor Technology: Strategically- Placed Infrared Sensors Virtually Eliminate Misvends
  • Self-Diagnosing System: Clears Vending Errors Automatically
  • Increased Versatility: Uses Conveyor Belt Dispensing Technology, Not Coils, Which Greatly Increases Versatility and Capacity
  • Cash/Coin Validator: Can Be Upgraded To Any Form of Cashless Payment (Credit/Debit)

Technical Specifications

    • Electrical: 110 VAC / 8 Amps
    • Dimensions:  72”H x 40.8”W x 37.5”D
    • Weight: 937 lbs.
    • Refrigeration: R404A – CFC Free
    • Temperature: -11 degrees F
    • Tray Style: Highly-Versatile Conveyor Belt