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The Healthy YOU Healthy Vending Machines

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A New Standard in Vending Machine Technology

Our vending machines are smart, innovative & have been designed to hold position at the top of the food chain. Healthy YOU vending machines were created to accomplish three primary goals:

  1. Increase revenues & profits for vending operators.
  2. Make operating, maintaining, & stocking the machines easier while making consumer interaction more enjoyable.
  3. Create happy, healthy & loyal customers.

Technology Advantages

Essential Advantage #1: Boost Profits, Save Money Via New Technology 

Demand more from your vending machine. Healthy YOU machines produce added results without requiring any added effort. How? It’s the technology & design.

Payment Flexibility. With the capability of accepting credit/debit cards, cash/coin, and company/school IDs, Healthy YOU machines ensure customers can always buy what they want, boosting sales on average by 25%!

Up to 50% Energy Savings. Locations save on utility bills via our eco-friendly power-conserving devices, and operators save on route costs via our remote inventory monitoring devices.

Essential Advantage #2: Easier for Operators, More Enjoyable for Customers

Healthy YOU makes vending operators’ lives easier by minimizing the amount of time and energy operators spend maintaining & stocking their machines. Remote monitoring technology allows for greater operational efficiency – reduces route costs by 20-40% through savings on gas, less time spent servicing routes, improved reporting & tracking, & reduced guess-work.

SmartWarePro/SmartCard Technology. Optimize your business by preparing custom machine settings at home and downloading them directly into your machines. Change product pricing, offer discounted vends for specific hours or weekends, control the refrigeration system, lighting, internal clock, calorie information, custom display messages, troubleshooting, and much more.

Smartphone/Credit Card Payment Technology. Go above and beyond offering your customers the ability to pay with their credit/debit cards. Now, you’ll provide the opportunity for them to pay for their purchase with a tap of their smartphone. With the latest in Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, you’ll be able to raise prices, increase sales and even decrease costs with this latest vending payment technology that comes standard with your machines. It’s really all about convenience.

Essential Advantage #3: MediaLink™ Digital Display

MediaLink™ Digital Display Package

Utilizing our optional MediaLink™ Digital Display Package, you’ll stop people cold in their tracks with the 7” LCD screen that’s strategically positioned on the machine to attract more eyeballs. Maximize your earning power by displaying digital video ads – or display vivid product images and/or nutritional information. Innovation that can generate increased revenues.

Essential Advantage #4: RemotePlus™ Monitoring System

Finally… take the guesswork out of restocking your machines! Receive a confidential report each morning that breaks down everything you want to know about how each of your Healthy YOU Machines performed the previous day. POWERFUL information at your fingertips that can be viewed and monitored in your pajamas.

Essential Advantage #5: eManage™ Vending Management Software

Streamline the operation of your healthy vending business with this proprietary software created specifically for Healthy YOU Vending Operators. Monitor and manage sales, profit margins, inventory, etc. – all from your PC or laptop. Full tracking and reporting capability. Viewable dashboard information. Pre-kitting as well as product analysis for each machine on your route.

A Vending System Like No Other

This isn’t your ordinary healthy vending machine. This beautiful, distinctive vending system attracts customers like a magnet. Business offices, health clubs, hospitals, hotels, schools & colleges everywhere love having it on their premises.


  • Exciting Product Margins: Selling popular healthy snacks & drinks!
  • Security: High security, tamper-resistant industrial locking system with anti-theft design. Written Lifetime Warranty!
  • Innovative Design: State-of-the-art striking design engineered to attract more people of more age groups, in quality, high-traffic locations!
  • Versatile: Healthy Snacks, Healthy Drinks, Healthy Entrées* & Healthy Side Dishes* –  Selections: 21 Snack Selections; 8 Drink Selections; 16 Entrée & Side Dish* Selections. Capacity: up to 337 Healthy Snacks and Drinks | Up to 80 Entrées & Side Dishes* (*With Optional Entrée/Side Dish Vendor)
  • Eco-Friendly Engineering: Incorporates a smaller, more energy efficient compressor and fan motor (cooling system) resulting in lower energy costs and less pollution. Enhanced insulation results in more off-time for compressor and motor – using less energy and extending the life of these parts. A more efficient LED lighting system also keeps products just as visible but with lower energy usage!

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