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The HUMAN Healthy Vending Machines


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A New Standard in Vending Machine Technology

“Hello, I am h.u.m.a.n.” When our machines introduce themselves, it’s clear that they’re NOT your typical vendors. Like humans, our vending machines are smart, innovative & have been designed to hold position at the top of the food chain. HUMAN machines were created to accomplish three primary goals:

  1. Increase revenues & profits for vending operators & sales commissions for locations.
  2. Make operating, maintaining, & stocking the machines easier while making consumer interaction more enjoyable.
  3. Create happy, healthy & loyal customers.

Title-HUMANTouchThe HUMAN Touch is a Premium, Ad-Serving Health Store & the “Rolls Royce” of HUMAN Healthy Vending Machines. Uses Conveyor Belt Dispensing Technology, NOT Coils, Which Greatly Increases Versatility.
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Title-MediaMogul The Media Mogul is a Premium, Ad-Serving Health Store & the “Rolls Royce” of HUMAN Healthy Vending Machines. Uses Conveyor Belt Dispensing Technology, NOT Coils, Which Greatly Increases Versatility.
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Title-AutoPod The Auto Pod is a secure cooler system. Consumers use their mobile phone or NFC-enabled “Autopod” card to purchase refrigerated products. “Just wave and go” changes the customer experience and redefines vending. Weight sensing shelves know exact quantity and types of products in stock, what the customer removes and/or returns, and updates accounts instantly.
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Title-Apprentice The Apprentice is Eco-Friendly, Versatile and Video-Ready. Uses Conveyor Belt Dispensing Technology, Not Coils, Which Greatly Increases Versatility & Capacity. *Same as “The Media Mogul”, except the Apprentice does not include a 23″ LCD screen.
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Title-Rugged The Rugged HUMAN is a sturdy and versatile out door machine and is specially designed to keep your products cold while reducing energy consumption.
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Title-Arctic The Arctic HUMAN is a heavy duty frozen food vendor. This machine is build with a “ruggedized” design safe for outdoor placement.
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Title-CoffeeTouch   HUMAN  Coffee Touch is a premium fair trade & organic coffee machine that produces coffee with exceptional taste..WAY better than your average cup of Joe. Machine Grinds Whole Coffee Beans On-The-Spot For Every Cup
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Title-Hot The HOT HUMAN is an all-in-one healthy vending solution. Vends Hot Food, Cold Drinks & Healthy Snacks. High-Grade Insulation and LED Lighting Reduce Energy Consumption.
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Title-Versatile The Versatile HUMAN is a modular healthy vending solution. Simple, coil-based technology designed for healthy snacks and drinks. Dismantles into 3 pieces for easy transport. Wave goodbye to moving companies.
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Title-Traditonal   The Traditional HUMAN is an Industry-leading standard coil machine perfect for smaller locations.
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Something For Every Location

TWELVEDifferent Options to Fill Any Need. Every location is different, yet our service never changes. Each HUMAN location is set-up with the HUMAN machines, market or delivery service that best suit that specific space & population. Our 7 main machine options include snack & beverage vending machines, coffee vending machines, hot food vending machines, outdoor vending machines, and frozen food vending machines.

OPTIONS You want them! When the HUMAN LDA team is pursing the top locations in your area, it is vital to have a variety of machines and automated retail options to fit each location type. That’s why we don’t force you to purchase a specific type of machine upfront. HUMAN guarantees access to the most options available for you to customize your healthy vending business. Your locations will love the versatility you present them, and with inexpensive machines, even the smaller locations can join your route.


Technology Advantages


Essential Advantage #1: Boost Profits, Save Money Via New Technology Demand more from your vending machine. HUMAN machines produce added results without requiring any added effort. How? It’s the technology & design. Payment Flexibility. With the capability of accepting credit/debit cards, cash/coin, and company/school IDs, HUMAN machines ensure customers can always buy what they want, boosting sales on average by 25%! Digital Ad Revenue. Streaming video ads displayed on our machines’ LCD screens provide both locations and operators with higher pay-outs. No additional work is required – we take care of all digital content!
Higher Sales Volume. Our machines’ attractive graphics & innovative LCD screens attract customers that would otherwise ignore a vending machine. This means higher sales! Up to 50% Energy Savings. Locations save on utility bills via our eco-friendly power-conserving devices, and operators save on route costs via our remote inventory monitoring devices.
Essential Advantage #2: Easier for Operators, More Enjoyable for Customers HUMAN makes vending operators’ lives easier by minimizing the amount of time and energy operators spend maintaining & stocking their machines. Remote Monitoring Technology. Allows for greater operational efficiency – reduces route costs by 20-40% through savings on gas, less time spent servicing routes, improved reporting & tracking, & reduced guess-work. Cashless Payment Acceptance. With cashless payment technology, accounting reports can be created & accessed from home. Cashless transactions also reduce the risk of theft by keeping less cash in the machine. Purchasing Guidance. Learn more about the healthy snacks, foods, & drinks inside of HUMAN healthy vending machines via content streamed on the digital LCD screens.

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