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How Your Healthy Vending Program Works

1. Healthy YOU operators work directly with you to determine your Hospital’s customized product mix and on-machine digital content. Only healthy, tasty, and employee-tested products are offered.

2. Healthy YOU operators work with your administration, employee groups, and nutrition team to kick-off a wellness & marketing campaign centered around the launch (inside your Hospital & in the community)

3. Your expert Healthy YOU vending operator installs your machines, orders & stocks the healthy, tasty products, & kicks-off your program with a bang!

Healthy “Healthy YOU Approved” Products in Hospitals

Employees are picky! Taste AND nutrition matter when it comes to creating a successful vending program at your Hospital. If it’s healthy, tasty, and people want it, we likely have it. And at the lowest price, too. If we don’t, we can easily get it. And remember, we can meet ANY product-mix demand such as 100% organic, government mandates, etc.

Experience. After 8+ years of taste- test research, we know what healthy products sell in Hospital vending machines & which don’t. Our program is successful because employees love the products we offer.

Selection. With over 5,000 foods & drinks in our catalog, we offer a larger healthy vending product selection than anyone. Employees love the products we offer.

Customization. Different products work better for different Hospitals. We can also meet any dietary guidelines you need to meet, including SB-12, SB-19, kosher, allergen-free, 100% organic, all-natural…whatever you need, we’ll customize a unique product mix of snacks & drinks to meet your employees’ dietary needs.

Pricing. You receive the best prices thanks to our relationships with the nation’s largest natural, organic & sports nutrition distributors. We cut-out the middlemen to save you & your employees’ money.

Guidance. Our digital LCD screen provides product & nutritional info to guide employees in making smart purchasing decisions.

Top Selling Products In Offices

Browse through just a handful of the products sold throughout Healthy YOU Healthy Vending Machines. There are thousands of products to ch0ose from including Organic Bars, Healthy Crackers & Chips, Fruit Juice, Dried Fruit, Vegetarian Snacks, Organic Cookies, Flavored Water, Natural Smoothies and more.

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