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HUMAN Healthy Vending Program for YMCAs


Our Mission in YMCAs

HUMAN Healthy Vending is working hand-in-hand with YMCAs across the country to provide healthier snack options to its patrons. Currently, HUMAN is in over 70 YMCA branches across the nation and expects to expand rapidly based on its recent selection by the YMCA of the USA to serve as its preferred vendor for healthy vending machines in YMCAs across the country. Unlike many costly health and wellness initiatives, the HUMAN Healthy Vending program is free to YMCAs and adds no additional costs to existing program budgets. In fact, it can add revenue to the YMCA via higher commissions than its existing vending supplier.

HUMAN Healthy Vending machines come equipped with 23″ digital LCD screens that display nutritional and product information. It encourages both children and workers at YMCAs to see the benefits of the snacks they are putting in their mouths, and even may encourage them to read food labels. So, kick those junk food vending machines to the curb and KEEP your existing commissions. With healthy vending, it’s a win-win.


YMCA of the USA

HUMAN Healthy Vending Inks Deal With YMCA of The USA To Provide Healthier Snacks

What this means for YMCA branches across the country:

HUMAN Franchisees provide a proven, comprehensive and dependable healthy vending program for your local Y communities. In addition, YMCAs will have the comfort of the following three worry-free guarantees:

1) Higher commission revenue compared to their existing vending solution
2) Energy savings compared to traditional vending equipment
3) Wellness grants for every machine placed inside their locations

This agreement between HUMAN and the YMCA of the USA will help ensures that children and their families in Y childcare programs have access to healthful snacks and beverages.

“We are incredibly proud to be working with YMCA of the USA. They do so much to improve people’s health and well being and we’re happy to be a part of their continual progress and innovation when it comes to achieving their mission,” – Sean Kelly, CEO and co-founder

Why does this matter?


Childcare providers play a huge role in shaping the way children eat, play and live. With 15 percent of preschool children receiving primary care from relatives, most preschoolers are placed in center-based care (e.g., child-care centers, preschools, Head Start programs) or a family child-care home. As of now, regulations regarding nutrition and physical activity practices in child-care settings are limited and vary widely among and within U.S. states (the regulation of formal child-care settings primarily occurs at the state level though Head Start programs, which are subject to federal performance standards).

This agreement between HUMAN and YMCA of the USA ensures that children and their families have access to healthy snacks and beverages.

YMCA’s with a HUMAN Healthy Vending program will gain:
1) Healthier food and beverage options for children and families
2) Energy savings compared to traditional vending equipment
3) Wellness grants for every machine placed inside of their locations

YMCAHow Your Simple Healthy Vending Program Works

1. HUMAN works directly with you to determine your YMCAs customized product mix and on-machine digital content. Only healthy, tasty, and child-tested products are offered.

2. HUMAN works with your administration, children, and nutrition team to kick-off a wellness & marketing campaign centered around the launch (inside your YMCA & in the community)

3. Your expert HUMAN vending operator installs your machines, orders & stocks the healthy, tasty products, & kicks-off your program with a bang!

4. Your YMCA receives commissions on all product sales and digital advertising revenue generated by the machines.

5. Your children become healthier, happier & better performing & your YMCA earns $$!


Watch Testimonials from YMCA Administrators

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YMCA Family Adventure

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YMCA Healthy Kids Day

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YMCA in the News

“Just the machine itself, how can you not go to it? I like it. I was excited when I saw it for the first time; I really was. And a good price. There’s nothing like eating healthy and having a good price” – Patron of YMCA, Santa Monica, CA

“Everyone’s talking about the health care crisis – the YMCA is an organization that’s doing something about it. It’s all about eating better & moving, and so, the wonderful partnership with HUMAN Healthy Vending is, it’s small changes – it’s not giving something up and not eating things – it’s just making smarter choices most of the time. So we’re delighted to be able to bring that to the forefront and show people how to try new ideas, how to eat organic – rather than a snickers today try something different.” – Sandy Morander, CEO & President, YMCA of San Antonio

“We’ve made a decision that we’re going to stand for Healthy Living, for Social Responsibility and for Youth Development, and if you’re going to stand for those things, then you have to align your goals and align your partnerships and align the things that you’re doing to promote those things in the community. And when you partner with a group like HUMAN for example that doesn’t just throw around words but they actually really do believe in family, about fun, about nutrition, about health. I mean, all those things align with what we’re trying to do and what we’re trying to promote within the community. ”– David Fish, Member engagement director, Bellevue Family YMCA, Nashville Tennesse

“If you are looking for a change, for a company that seems to model the same beliefs that we’re trying to as YMCAs then it’s about relationships and I’ve found it very easy to work with the folks from HUMAN and to provide that. There is a commission back that we receive which is always nice, we are a not for profit so to be able to put back in to our programs to serve less fortunate is always a key point. It really is going well and the parents that I’ve talked to make the statement of “Oh, we have that at home” or “we eat that,” it goes a long way to knowing that I made the right choices when we sat down with HUMAN Healthy Vending to put the products in there. It was a great partnership to be able to have some say as to what’s in your machine, versus it’s just stocked one way, whether you want it or not.” – David Stryjewski, Executive Director, Sumner County YMCA

The Tastiest, Healthiest Products That Meet Your Guidelines


Children are picky! Taste AND nutrition matter when it comes to creating a successful vending program at your YMCA. If it’s healthy, tasty, and people want it, we likely have it. And at the lowest price, too. If we don’t, we can easily get it. And remember, we can meet ANY product-mix demand such as 100% organic, government/YMCA mandates, etc.

Experience. After 8+ years of taste- test research, we know what healthy products sell in YMCA vending machines & which don’t. Our program is successful because children love the products we offer.

Selection. With over 5,000 foods & drinks in our catalog, we offer a larger healthy vending product selection than anyone. Children love the products we offer.

Expertise. With a biomedical engineer as our founder & a health advisory board of certified nutritionists, medical doctors, & registered dieticians, we know health.

Customization. Different products work better for different YMCAs. We can also meet any dietary guidelines you need to meet, including SB-12, SB-19, kosher, allergen-free, 100% organic, all-natural…whatever you need, we’ll customize a unique product mix of snacks & drinks to meet your Childs’ dietary needs.

Pricing. You receive the best prices thanks to our relationships with the nation’s largest natural, organic & sports nutrition distributors. We cut-out the middlemen to save you & your children’s money.

Guidance. Our digital LCD screen provides product & nutritional info to guide children in making smart purchasing decisions


HUMAN Healthy Vending Machines For YMCAs

“Hello, I am h.u.m.a.n.”

When our machines introduce themselves, it’s clear that they’re NOT your typical vendors. Like humans, our vending machines are smart, innovative & have been designed to hold position at the top of the food chain.

HUMAN machines were created to accomplish three primary goals:

1. Increase revenues & profits for vending operators & sales commissions for locations.

2. Make operating, maintaining, & stocking the machines easier while making consumer interaction more enjoyable.

3. Create happy, healthy & loyal customers.