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Healthy Snack Delivery for Offices, Workplaces, and Corporations



Finally! An Easy, Hassle-Free Way To Get Top-Selling Delicious Healthy Snacks Delivered Right To Your Office

Be The “Office Rock Star” By Giving Your Employees The Same Perks That Other Top Companies Like Facebook and Google Do…Without A Big Budget or Annoying Hassle

Here’s your chance to do something TOTALLY INCREDIBLE for your office without any added effort…

And the best part about it is, it doesn’t cost a lot and it won’t monopolize your time.

You see, in today’s hyper competitive world, finding good talent is very hard to come by… KEEPING good talent is even harder.

There always seems to be another company than can offer a little bit more, or have a better comp plan, or a better retirement plan that can steal your employees away.

Employees are overworked, stressed out, unhealthy, and costing their company millions in lost productivity and health care costs.

Top talent is hard to come by and even harder to keep, which is why the workplace environment and perks are so unbelievably important.

Do you want to know the real secret to keeping your employees happy?

Make their lives easier!

They spend so much time at work that any way you can provide perks that make things more convenient, the happier they will be.

It’s actually that simple.

The top dogs out there get it… Why do you think Google and Facebook have all the crazy perks that they do? Employees want more than just a paycheck nowadays.

Nap Pods, Dry Cleaners, Day Care, Food Programs… every single one of those perks is there to make their employees lives easier and happier.

In fact 10,000 employees were surveyed across the country, and one of the top requested perks from employers was onsite food programs.

It’s been well documented that healthier employees are more productive employees.

In fact, they are 66% more likely to be productive than their junk food eating counter parts. You want to be able to give your employees access to healthy food but…

Get Free Snacks

Unfortunately most offices your size don’t qualify for vending, markets or cafeterias

Picture this…

It’s that dreaded 3:00pm wall that everyone hits, you start to feel tired, run down, and need a little pick me up.

Maybe you have a couple of healthy options in the vending machine (if you have one), but let’s face it, when you’re starving and there’s a Snickers bar staring you in the face, who’s going to pick the unsalted almonds?

Or if you don’t have anything around, what do people do? Leave the office to try and grab a snack. That’s no good for anyone, the company or the employees.

This is not making your employees’ lives easier at all; in fact it’s actually contributing to their poor health and diminished productivity.

According to a study published in the October 2012 issue of Population Health Management, employees who eat unhealthy all day are 93% more likely to be LESS PRODUCTIVE than employees who regularly ate healthy food.

Imagine having a way to not only keep your employees happy but also help them be more productive!


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“We had the same 10 things from Costco every time. And after a couple years, that gets pretty tiring. From a financial perspective, We couldn’t provide that range of options buying these snacks retail. So SnackNation is an awesome opportunity and it saves a lot of time and energy”

– Clifton, Sr. Director of Finance, Score Big

Introducing SnackNation:

“Healthier Snacks Delivered”

SnackNation is a one-of-a-kind monthly healthy snack delivery service that helps your employees be happier, healthier, and highly productive.

It’s also a way to:

• Give your employees convenient “grab and go” access to healthy foods so they can stay on site, stay properly fueled, and save themselves time and energy.

• Have a well-organized, turnkey office snack program without having to manage it.

• Save YOURSELF time and energy by not having to order products through Costco, going to the store, or dealing with employee complaints about lack of healthy options.

• Stop worrying about picking out the best tasting options for your employees every single month.

• Provide a premium amenity that your employees will love you for… this is what the top companies in the US do. They do it for a reason…they understand the value!

• Boost your bottom line as your employees work harder and happier. Think of how much time they’ll save if they could grab a quick snack right in the office instead of spending 15-20 min driving somewhere.

• Attract and retain highly skilled employees who appreciate your commitment to their improved health & well-being.

So what is SnackNation?

In a nutshell… SnackNation takes all the hassle off or your shoulders and just makes you look like the office Rock Star. 

Having SnackNation delivered to your office means:

• No more driving around town to pick up product. That’s a big pain in the butt!

• No more guessing about which products are healthy and which are not. Product labeling can really be confusing these days.

• No more disappointment with Amazon when your favorite product is no longer in stock or bundles have changed.

• No more employees complaining about only having access to junk food.

• No more headaches whatsoever in dealing with your office snack program ever again!

Get Free Snacks

How It Works

Every month we’ll send you a box stocked full of the best tasting and healthiest snacks out there. You’ll also get a complimentary display box – It will look good in the office and help you keep everything organized.

No more cluttered cabinets, counter tops, or employee break rooms.Your employees will get ultra-convenient access to the tastiest, healthiest snacks right onsite with no extra work on your part.


Choose Your Plan

Select your subscription plan based on the number of employees you have in your workplace or the number of break rooms you want to stock.


Delivery Arrives

Your first shipment will contain the SN display and 1 refill box. Designate someone to restock the display as additional refill boxes will arrive.


Employees Enjoy Snacks

You’ll hear a buzz around the office as employees try the tasty and healthy snacks. Their mid- afternoon energy crashes are instantly replaced with smiles!

It’s like having a miniature self-serve Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s in your office

With SnackNation, 100% better-for-you snacks can be consumed in a short amount of time onsite, which cuts down on long breaks away from the office.

Say goodbye to the guilt of grabbing a not so good for you snack when your energy starts to dip in the afternoon. You can finally feel good about what you’re providing your employees, and your employees can feel good about what they’re eating.

Apple, Google, Facebook, Cisco, Zappos all spend thousands every single month to have food onsite for their employees. Coincidence? I don’t thinks so!

Now you can have what top companies have and give your employees easy access to healthy office snacks without the big budget. In fact, having SnackNation in your workplace is an investment in your people.


Companies see on average a $5.81 ROI (return on investment) for every $1.00 spent on employee wellness…

$5.81 for every $1.00?

I’ll take those numbers any day, especially when you know you are actually doing what’s right for your employees. You’re helping them live healthier lives every single day…with no added effort on your part. And think about the return on higher productivity due to staying at the office longer and being better-fueled throughout the entire day.

Get Free Snacks

SnackNation Gives Your Employees Something You Know They’ll Love and Appreciate

How many “good ideas” have you used to help your team feel appreciated and cared for?

And were they forgotten in a matter of days?

With SnackNation, you get to give your coworkers something you know they’ll love, each and every month.

Each box includes new and exciting snacks from the most innovative snack brands on the market.


“SnackNation brings variable and delicious surprises to the office every month – it’s amazing how grown ups turn into little kids at christmas when the snack box arrives!”

-Shane, Co-founder & VP of Customer Success at 15Five


Get Free Snacks

The best part was, we have a monthly town hall meeting and I was publicly thanked by our CEO for bringing SnackNation into the office. He said, “Everyone I would like you to thank Rebecca for making the office a healthier place and introducing healthy delicious snacks to the team”.

– Rebecca, Executive Assistant Office Manager, Score Big


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What Kind Of Snacks Come With SnackNation?

Each box comes with an expertly curated mix of the best-tasting healthier snacks on the market. With over 10 years of healthy vending experience and over 2000 locations currently enjoying our healthy snacks, we have millions of data points telling us what people like and don’t like.

Hundreds of product companies contact us each month asking us to sell their stuff – we only select those that are not just healthier for you, but also taste amazing. Nutrition and taste are equally important…this is especially true in the workplace. Trust us – we will NOT sending you snacks that taste like rabbit food! They will be delicious…guaranteed.

Check out the contents of a recent SnackNation box…



If you’re interested in an extremely convenient way to…

• Create a healthier, happier, and more productive staff

• Enhance the image of your office

• Boost profits along with employee productivity

• Create a work environment that can attract and retain top talent

• Keep employees happy by providing affordable, healthy food options

Get Free Snacks

Get Your Free Snacks Today!


Remember, SnackNation is…

An Easy, Hassle-Free Way To Get Top-Selling Delicious Healthy Snacks Delivered Right To Your Office

I look forward to helping you provide great-tasting snacks for your office, wile helping your employees eat healthier, be happier, and produce more for your bottom line.

Best in Health,

Sean Kelly, CEO – SnackNation & HUMAN (Helping Unite Mankind And Nutrition)

P.S. Your business depends on your employees and your employees “are what they eat.” At the end of the day your employees will love this.

It will make their lives easier AND it will help them be healthier.

It’s that simple. This is your chance to do a LOT of good for your company with very little effort on your part. Sign up for SnackNation today.

Get Free Snacks