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Healthy Gym Vending Machines

Turn 12 Square Feet Into a 24-Hour Retail Revenue Stream

Find out how to add a significant retail revenue stream to your gym or health club with the Healthy YOU Healthy Vending System.

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The Healthy YOU Healthy Vending Program for Gyms

1. Healthy YOU operators work directly with you to determine your Gyms customized product mix and on-machine digital content. Only healthy, tasty, and customer-tested products are offered.

2. Healthy YOU operators work with your administration, customer groups, and nutrition team to kick-off a wellness & marketing campaign centered around the launch (inside your Gym & in the community)

3. Your expert Healthy YOU vending operator installs your machines, orders & stocks the healthy, tasty products, & kicks-off your program with a bang!

4. Your members become healthier, happier & better performing!

Our Mission In Gyms & Health Clubs

We’re making healthy food and education more convenient through the placement of healthy vending machines in health clubs and other locations across the globe. It’s our vision to make healthy food more convenient than junk food.

Our “Why”: We believe the lack of accessibility to healthy foods, drinks & education is one of the world’s top 3 largest problems. Did you know…

1 out 3 children today will acquire diabetes in their lifetime. 33.3
70 to 80 percent of overweight children become obese adults. 80
More than 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese 66.7
A quarter of all U.S. health care costs are related to obesity 27

Why Healthy YOU Vending is Good For YOUR Gyms or Health Club Location

When it comes to keeping gym members happy and healthy, a Healthy YOU Vending machine can provide the sports drinks and nutritional products they want and need to refuel before, during and after a workout. Providing healthy snacks and drinks to gym members is essential these days, as competition for gym memberships increases. Don’t have space for a full-blown juice and healthy snack bar at your health club? A Healthy YOU Vending machine is just the solution!

Fuel Your Customers’ Workout
An on-site Healthy YOU Vending machine at your fitness center or health club can provide members with the pre- and post-workout fuel they want and need, while also providing employees with healthy meal options. Providing healthy snacks, drinks and meals reinforce the importance of good nutrition combined with working out, and helps your fitness clients stay on track with their health goals (after all, you don’t want them working out and then grabbing a candy bar at a nearby convenience store!). And with many gyms open 24/7 these days, an on-site Healthy YOU Vending machine provides access to healthy snacks and drinks even during off-peak hours. Best of all, your healthy vending machine can be stocked with the products that YOUR customers want!

Pick Your Products
When it comes to healthy refueling, both taste AND nutrition matter—and we all know that gym members have their favorites. Different products work better at different types of fitness centers, so your local Healthy YOU Vending distributor will work directly with you to come up with the exact product mix your health club customers are craving. Whether you’re looking to vend vitamin-enriched water, energy drinks, Muscle Milk, protein-rich smoothies and supplements, nutritional bars and more, your machines can be stocked with ANY products that fit. And because we don’t require our distributors to stock a limited, pre-approved selection of healthy products, you can request any of your customer’s favorite sports drinks, nutrition bars, and more! There are more than 1,100 healthy vending products to choose from, and Healthy YOU Vending distributors have access to the largest and most effective nutritional distribution centers in the U.S.

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Best of all, you can get a Healthy YOU Vending machine at your location for FREE.

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