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How to Lock-Down High-Quality Locations For Your Healthy YOU Business

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Healthy YOU Location Discover & Assistance System

Just like in real estate, the LOCATIONS of your Healthy YOU Vending machines are critical to your success. We’ve spent nearly 20 years helping vending entrepreneurs start a new business. Prior to selling the first healthy vending machines in the nation in 2007, we spent many years helping with locations for traditional vending machines. We know better than anyone which locations work for healthy vending and which ones do not. We built our proprietary, in-house Location Discovery, & Assistance (LDA) System from the ground up to help you get the best locations in your area.

Most of our new operators like our Team approach where we work with you on your personal strategy – biggest locations, closest locations, all of the same type of locations etc. We also have an option where we do all of the work and you do not have to be involved.

Don’t Give a Huge Part of Your Business Away

It is expected in traditional vending that the location will receive a commission on all sales from the vending machine. That is not the case in healthy vending but often other companies will try to give away 20% or more of your gross sales. It is easier for them to get your locations by offering commission – but it is your money they are giving away. Because of the training we provide and through our location process our operators typically do not pay commission to locations – that’s the case nearly 90% of the time. Keeping that 20% in your pocket has a huge effect on your bottom line.

Getting The Best Locations

Since we know what it takes to qualify as a great location we are able to help you focus on the best opportunities in your area. There are three types of locations and all are good candidates. First, there are locations where it is the same people using the machine every day. These are locations like corporate offices, military bases and schools. Second, there are locations where there are fewer employees but large numbers of walk-in traffic. These are locations like gyms, hotels and car dealerships. Third, there are locations that have large numbers of employees and walk-in traffic. These are locations like hospitals and airports.

Here Are a Few Of The Locations Proudly Hosting Healthy YOU Vending Machines

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