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How to Lock-Down High-Quality Locations For Your HUMAN Franchise



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The HUMAN Location Discovery
& Acquisition System




We built our proprietary, in-house Location Discovery, & Acquisition (LDA) System from the ground up, to discover and acquire the highest quality, highest volume locations in your area.

It’s taken us over 10 years to perfect this!

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Phase 1: Research

This includes list-building, research compilation, geographical research, and social engineering to determine what locations we’re reaching out to as “targets.” You will also submit a “wishlist” of locations in your area that you would like to place your equipment in, and we will target those locations first.



Phase 2: Setting Meetings

HUMAN has developed several proven ways to get high quality meetings scheduled with some of the top locations in your area. We leverage multiple marketing media including online and offline that help us set meetings.


Phase 3: Meeting Support

We may also need you to get involved from time to time, if your involvement helps us get a meeting set. For example, you might need to go to a location in person and drop off a sample bag of healthy snacks/drinks. Regardless of your sales experience, we coach you on how to do EVERYTHING. Remember, getting good meetings is the most important part of this process. Once the meeting is set and we’re presenting, we have a very high closing ratio.



Phase 4: Follow-Up

The key to getting a location contract signed is frequent and timely follow-up. HUMAN has mastered this process with multiple channels of follow-up to ensure the deal gets done quickly. We make sure our prospective locations get educational videos, healthy snack samples, and frequent contact through out their discovery process.


Phase 5: Contract Signing

Once the location completes its discovery process and gives a verbal “yes” you conduct a simple site survey to approve the location.  This is your chance to see the location, assess viability, and talk to the location decision maker.  Once you accept the location, HUMAN sends the contract out for digital signature between you and the location. Congrats on getting the deal done!


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