How HUMAN Locks Down High-Traffic Locations
For Your Healthy Vending Business

The HUMAN Location, Discovery & Acquisition System

We built our proprietary, in-house Location,
Discovery, & Acquisition (LDA) System from the
ground up, to discover and acquire the highest
traffic, most influential locations in your area.

It’s taken us over 10 years to perfect this!


How the Location Discovery Acquisition “LDA” Program Works

Phase 1: Research

This includes list-building, research compilation, geographical research, and social engineering to determine what locations we’re reaching out to as “targets”. You even get to submit a “wishlist” of locations in your area that you would like to place your machines in, and we will aim for those locations first!

Phase 2: Setting Meetings

HUMAN has developed several proven ways to get high quality meetings scheduled with some of the top locations in your area. We leverage multiple online technologies that allow us to present our program from across the globe.

Phase 3: Support Meetings

We may also need you to get involved from time to time, if your involvement helps us get a meeting set. For example, you might need to go to a location in person and drop off a sample bag of healthy snacks/drinks. Regardless of your sales experience, we coach you on how to do EVERYTHING. Remember, getting good meetings is the most important part of this process. Once the meeting is set and we’re presenting, we have a very high closing ratio.

Phase 4: Follow-up

Part of the LDA game is frequent and timely follow-up. HUMAN has mastered this process with multiple channels of follow-up to ensure the deal gets done quickly. We make sure our prospective locations get educational videos, healthy snack samples, and frequent contact through out their discovery process.

The “Full Veto Power” Guarantee
You have the final say on all of your machine placements in locations. Period.

Said another way, you have FULL control over where your healthy vending machines are placed and you may reject ANY location in which we recommend machine placement. If we recommend a location placement and you don’t like it or don’t want your machine there, just say, “no thanks.” You have the ultimate veto power on where your machines are placed. Be wary of healthy vending companies that REQUIRE you to place machines without your acceptance.

The “In-House Only Location Sourcing” Guarantee
All in-house LDA team, guaranteed.

Most healthy vending companies outsource their location sourcing services to outside contractors or vending locators. In fact, many of them use the exact same companies so you’re actually competing against other healthy vending companies without even knowing it! Don’t fall victim to this.

HUMAN built its own Location, Discovery, & Acquisition (LDA) system because the outsourced options in the market didn’t cut it. We know because we’ve worked with many of them in the past. In fact, it took HUMAN over 10 years to perfect the system!

HUMAN guarantees its LDA team is comprised of in-house HUMAN location experts that run a proprietary, built-from-the-ground-up, LDA System that delivers high-value locations to its franchisees. Because most other healthy vending companies outsource their location services, the people performing those services are more invested in finding a location as quickly as possible so they can get paid faster vs. being fully invested in the process and sourcing locations based on the success those locations will bring to the franchisee. There’s a BIG difference there! Make sure you fully understand this before proceeding with outsourced location services.

The “Free In-Bound Locations Leads” Guarantee
Get a continuous flood of location leads for free.

HUMAN Healthy Vending has created the vending industry’s most comprehensive, expansive, and SEO-optimized network of lead generating websites on the internet today. This means we have a national presence while being visible on a local scale. When high quality locations in your area search for vending services online, your customized website will be highly visible in the search engines, which means locations find you first, before the other competitors in the area. This means they give us their information and we set you up with high quality meetings with locations that want your services. THIS is a powerful way to grow a long-term sustainable business.

The “Exclusive Right Territory” Guarantee
Secure an exclusive right territory of up to 100,000 people with 10 or more machines ($10,000 value).

We guarantee your own exclusive right territory of up to 100,000 people if you start with 10 or more machines.

How LDA Benefits Franchisees