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All About Our Charity: HUMAN Everywhere


What is HUMAN Everywhere?

HUMAN Everywhere creates and unites social entrepreneurs across the globe to find solutions to today’s health crises. In a nutshell, HUMAN Everywhere:

Develops & teaches social entrepreneurship which
turns everyday people like
you and me into change makers!

Teaches nutrition fundamentals. “What’s all
that funny stuff in my food?” We believe that curiosity is
the solution to apathy. We
want to spark your curiosity
and be your nutrition ally!

Provides convenient access to healthier food
 via the placement of FREE healthy vending machines in schools.

Advocates for policy that makes it easier to make healthful choices than not to. That’s the type of world we
want to live in.

Here’s What Our Charity Is All About

HUMAN was created on the belief that access to healthy foods is a universal right, but right now that right doesn’t exist for most people, and the only way we’re going to fix the problem is through sustainable social entrepreneurship. Therefore, at HUMAN we’re focused on improving nutritional access through the development of high-performing, cause-driven, and massively successful social entrepreneurs. Whereas some believe that the cause is sacrificed for the business, and vice versa, we believe the exact opposite. The two are mutually beneficial. In today’s world, social entrepreneurship is also the most profitable and fun type of entrepreneurship that exists.

More specifically, at HUMAN we’re Helping Unite Mankind And Nutrition by bringing nutritious foods directly to people at the places they frequent most, and also by donating 10% of our profits to HUMAN Everywhere, HUMAN’s non-profit charitable arm that supports the fight against the causes of obesity and malnutrition. The goal here is to help people help themselves while also helping others. We like this circular social benefit model, and feel it works phenomenally in the real world.

HUMAN Everywhere’s Mission

HUMAN Everywhere’s overarching mission is to leverage the power of social entrepreneurship to improve the nation’s collective health by increasing access to nutrition education and healthful foods while advocating for public policy that contributes to these goals. More specifically, HUMAN Everywhere focuses on improving the entrepreneurial education, eating habits, and nutritional knowledge of America’s youth. We do this through the charity’s Young Entrepreneurship Program, or YEP, which is HUMAN Everywhere’s primary focus.