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Healthy Vending – The Revolution Sweeping
Across the $30 Billion Vending Industry

Vending Opportunities

Vending Opportunites

The reason that healthy vending is changing every aspect of the vending machine industry is because with skyrocketing obesity rates, improved health education and more opportunity for people to make better choices, the demand for healthy vending machines has jumped ten fold.

Healthy vending is a booming industry, and it can make YOU money. We’re pioneers in the healthy vending industry with over 8 years experience….and take it from us–now is the time to capitalize on it.

Did you know that vending is a $30 billion industry? Better yet, did you know that as much money as the vending industry makes, the industry is stagnant? Profit margins are plummeting.  Also, technology adoption is slow. Worst of all, traditional vending promotes obesity and diabetes.

Join a movement that makes you money AND gives back to the community.

SHOCKINGLY, 67% of American adults are either overweight or obese. As surprising as it may be, the most recognizable food brands are often the most unhealthy. Take all of the products in a vending machine, for instance. There isn’t an easier way to access foods and drinks, but there is absolutely no nutritional value gained from any of these products.

However, people sacrifice their health for convenience because it’s the only option they have. Today’s fast-paced society has limited the time we have to prepare food. So, when we are running late for work and the only source of food in sight is the breakroom vending, machine, what other options do you have?

The fact of the matter is, there aren’t many options. However, a new food revolution has begun, and it has made access to healthy snacks and foods easier than ever. Healthy vending machines are a solution. Healthy vending machines offer the same convenience as traditional vending machines, but offer 100% healthy options that improve performance and create healthier lives.


How to Start a Vending Machines Business

How Healthy Vending is Changing
The Face of Vending

Healthy vending machines aren’t your typical vending machines. They feature state-of-the art technology, such as credit card readers, remote monitoring systems, LCD screens that can display advertisements and nutritional information, and vend-sensor technology that ensures a vend every time! Never before has a vending machine been this high-tech.

Unlike the traditional vending business, healthy vending is growing faster than ever. People across the world are realizing a need for change, and healthy vending is a lucrative business to get into. With the advancement of technology, healthy vending machines are getting a makeover. People notice these changes, and are lured to an attractive, innovative machine.

It’s time to capitalize on the healthy food boom by investing in healthy vending machines!


What types of healthy vending machines are there?

Used machines:

– Pros: less expensive, widely available, ability to haggle with the seller

– Cons: usually no warranty, not as attractive as new machines, and you don’t really know how they were treated in the past. They could    have suffered vending machine abuse.

New machines: 

– Pros: good-looking, warranty, you know what you’re getting, they have the latest vending technologies like bill validators and credit card readers

– Cons: More expensive and the price is more rigid from the manufacturer

Combo Machines:

– Vend both snacks and drinks

Snack only/beverage only: 

– Machine dedicated to vending only drinks or only snacks


Get Started With HUMAN Healthy Vending Today

Starting off, you may want to go with a used combo machine at one location to see if you like the business.  This is low investment, low risk.

BUT, if you’re serious about growing a legit vending business, you’ll want to start with new combo machines.  This way you have full versatility in whatever location you place your machines (combo allows for both drink and snack) AND you’ll have an attractive, new machine under warranty.

There are already thousands of people across the world in the healthy vending machine business. Here are some things they had to say about the business:

“What drew us towards H.U.M.A.N. was the focus on healthy living, and the opportunity to create a business around that.  My wife and I are truly passionate about healthy lifestyles, and we would love to spread our passion to our community in hopes of gaining others in this fight against obesity.”

“We see H.U.M.A.N. as a channel to do this, as well as an opportunity for my wife and I to create a business together.”

-Buck and Meggie Bradberry, Healthy Vending Operators in Greenville, NC


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