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 Healthy Vending Franchise Opportunities – Turning The Stale Vending Industry Into Fresh Opportunities

Investing in a healthy vending franchise can be a great decision for any entrepreneur. And by choosing the right business, you can position yourself to capitalize on one of the most important food-industry trends in decades.

Today’s health-conscious consumers don’t want the stale, questionable foods found in old-fashioned vending machines. They won’t even go near them. But these are the same consumers who are desperately looking for quick food options that fit their busy, on-the-go lifestyles. They don’t have time to make their own meals in the middle of the day, after the gym or school. And they don’t want to sacrifice their health by eating greasy, fattening fast food.

That’s where healthy vending comes in. As an independent vending operator, you have the opportunity to meet a huge, growing demand in today’s marketplace. But it’s critical that you choose the right franchise. Let us show you what makes the HUMAN Healthy Vending franchise so unique, fun and rewarding on many levels.



Features & Benefits of The HUMAN Healthy Vending Franchise

Delicious, nutritious products
A great business starts with great products. That’s why we are focused on offering customers a wide array of foods, snacks and drinks that meet their unique health and fitness goals. Granola bars, juices, all-natural sodas, organic coffee – our selection of products is unmatched, which is great for consumers and great for you.

Meeting diverse dietary needs
Our expansive product offering is designed to meet a diverse range of dietary needs. You’ll find products that are 100% organic, SB-19 compliant, gluten-free, allergen-free, low-fat, low-carb, no sugar added – whatever your customers need and love.

Beautiful & super-smart vending machines
Our state-of-the-art vending machines separate the HUMAN Healthy Vending Franchise from every other vending business. The machines are attractive, brightly lit and designed to grab attention. Some have built-in HD video screens, remote-inventory monitoring systems, self-cleaning and diagnosing systems, energy-saving features, credit card readers, conveyor belt dispensing systems (no more faulty coils!), vend sensor technology and many other features that benefit you and your customers.

Secondary revenue streams
We give franchisees the opportunity to earn additional, secondary income – effortlessly – with our ad-serving system. Machines equipped with the 23” HD screens will display video ads, boosting operators’ bottom lines even further.

Phenomenal training and support
At HUMAN Healthy Vending, we are committed to providing every business owner with the best training and support in the industry to ensure your success.


Learn More About The HUMAN Healthy Vending Franchise

The list above barely scratches the surface of all the things that make HUMAN Healthy Vending so different from every other franchise. Let us show you why we’ve been called one of “America’s Most Promising Companies” by Forbes Magazine and one of the top “100 Brilliant Companies” by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Contact us today to see if HUMAN Healthy Vending is the right business for you, and come join the most fun, successful, and passionate family of forward-thinking entrepreneurs on the planet.