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HUMAN Healthy Micro Markets


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The Future of Office Food Service!

This Revolutionary, Made-For-Offices “Healthy Market” Improves Employee Health, Increases Productivity & Slashes Health Care Costs

(And It’s Also FREE For Workplaces That Qualify)

• Convenient Access to Healthy Meals, Drinks & Snacks: Give your employees convenient “grab and go” access to healthy foods whenever they want. Improve employee health & productivity overnight.

• Enhance the image of your office: We replace your boring break room with a clean, modern Healthy Market-with no extra work on your part!

• Employees Love It! Attract and retain highly skilled employees who appreciate your commitment to their improved health & well-being.

• Boost Productivity. Employees stay onsite for lunch and are more focused, work harder & happier.



Why Own & Operate New Healthy Markets Instead of Vending Machines ?

HUMAN Healthy Markets

  • Offer a wide variety of affordably healthy food, snacks and drinks.
  • No sugar crash thanks to healthier fare.
  • Convenient, cashless self-checkout
  • No “moving parts”.
  • Can pickup, compare & select product.
  • Can read labeling & ingredients.
  • Anything can be sold – sandwiches, salads, fresh produce, coffee… even cough drops.

Traditional Vending Machines

  • Offer a limited variety of calorie-heavy and sugar-laden junk food and soda.
  • Sugar “highs and lows”.
  • Cash-only. Small bills or exact change.
  • Frustrating coils get stuck, or out of oder.
  • Food is “locked up” behind plastic.
  • Can’t hold product until purchased.
  • Severe limits on what can be sold. Highly processed, preservative laden “foods”.

How do HUMAN Healthy Markets compare with vending machines?

1. HUMAN Healthy Markets offer a much wider variety AND quantity of products for consumers due to their “open shelf racking” systems and coolers, all of which are customizable in size & design to fit nicely with the layout and interior design of any location.

2. Coolers allow for the stocking of fresh food, which vending machines typically are not able to provide effectively. Fresh healthy meals are now becoming a reality in office buildings thanks to the HUMAN Healthy Market concept.

3. Because products aren’t restricted by the physical layout of a machine, it opens the door to the highly effective practice of “retail merchandising”. This allows the HUMAN Healthy Market operator to focus on a much improved consumer experience, which ultimately drives profits. The consumer can touch products, read their nutrition labels, and bundle items together easily before making their purchase.

4. HUMAN Healthy Markets have no moving parts. This drastically lowers the amount of maintenance, downtime, and repair that is expected in vending. Cashless payment kiosks allow for quick and easy transactions of multiple items.

There are other well-established Healthy Market companies out there. How is HUMAN’s model any different?

Most importantly, HUMAN differentiates itself by being the only 100% Healthy Micro Market provider. Office workers who are strapped for time want fresh, healthy meals that they can grab from the break-room instead of driving to the nearest store. By partnering with local fresh meal providers, HUMAN helps franchisees set up a supply chain that maximizes profitability of fresh meals while preventing spoilage.

Many Micromarket companies simply copy the same planogram of their junk food machines but on shelves. So the same junk food (just more of it) is being sold without any thought to consumer demand or the same merchandising philosophies that convenience and grocery stores apply to their product layout. We recognize that HUMAN Healthy Markets are a different model than healthy vending, and have created the support systems and resources to get any locations up and running with their own HUMAN Healthy Market operation.


Top Selling Products in Healthy Markets

Browse through just a handful of the products sold throughout HUMAN Healthy Vending Machines. There are thousands of products to ch0ose from including Organic Bars, Healthy Crackers & Chips, Fruit Juice, Dried Fruit, Vegetarian Snacks, Organic Cookies, Flavored Water, Natural Smoothies and more.

Employees are picky! Taste AND nutrition matter when it comes to creating a successful healthy market or vending program at your Office. If it’s healthy, tasty, and people want it, we likely have it. And at the lowest price, too. If we don’t, we can easily get it. And remember, we can meet ANY product-mix demand such as 100% organic, government mandates, etc.

Experience. After 8+ years of taste- test research, we know what healthy products sell in Office vending machines & which don’t. Our program is successful because employees love the products we offer.

Selection. With over 5,000 foods & drinks in our catalog, we offer a larger healthy market or vending product selection than anyone. Employees love the products we offer.

Expertise. With a biomedical engineer as our founder & a health advisory board of certified nutritionists, medical doctors, & registered dieticians, we know health.

Customization. Different products work better for different Offices. We can also meet any dietary guidelines you need to meet, including SB-12, SB-19, kosher, allergen-free, 100% organic, all-natural…whatever you need, we’ll customize a unique product mix of snacks & drinks to meet your employees’ dietary needs.

Pricing. You receive the best prices thanks to our relationships with the nation’s largest natural, organic & sports nutrition distributors. We cut-out the middlemen to save you & your employees money.


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