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Fresh Vending Makes Nutrition Easy

What if there was a way to make nutrition more accessible to everyone? The obesity epidemic is a BIG, FAT problem, and fresh vending just may be an easy solution.

Did you know that the medical care cost of obesity in 2008 was $147 Billion$475 per PERSON in the U.S. That’s like the US Government giving every citizen an iPad!

America’s got a big problem. How easy is it to get nutritional, tasty food when you barely have time to relax during the day. It’s much easier to get unhealthy food than healthy food. Just drive down any major street and you’ll see it lined with fast food chains. Also, most vending machines carry the same products–those chock full of sugar, sodium, high fructose corn syrup, and the like.



With fresh vending snacks, drinks, and foods in vending machines, the obesity epidemic can be tackled directly. The source of obesity is not only the types of foods people eat, but the lack of nutritional information. In order to change your lifestyle, you need to know why you need to change it. 

With healthy and fresh vending products in vending machines, easy access to nutrition has never been this easy.


No More Candy Buyer’s Remorse – Fresh Vending Offers 100% Healthy Products

With healthy vending, the products are simply better. Also, did you know that fresh vending machines look completely different than traditional vending machines. Healthy vending machines are sleek, innovative, and interactive.

State-of-the-art healthy vending machines attract customers just on their looks alone, and they are also more reliable. Cashless payment systems are a great way to increase sales, as many people don’t carry cash anymore.

Also, vend-sensor technology ensures that every product purchased makes it to the customer. We all know the annoyance of buying a product in the vending machine only to see it get stuck in the coils. Innovative healthy vending machines feature conveyor belts, not coils. That means a happy customer, every time.

The benefit of the food itself may seem like a no-brainer, but most people associate healthy food with the taste of cardboard. Not true! Healthy foods not only provide you with more natural energy which improves performance, but they are also delicious. Artificial, sugary candy bars lead to a sugar rush which then leads to an inevitable crash. You’re then left either exhausted or in need of some more sugar.

Fresh vending snacks keep you energized longer, and improve memory and focus. Not to mention, they are good for you!


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