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What makes a “fresh” vending franchise?

The word “fresh” is used a lot in the vending industry these days. As the needs and demands of consumers have continued to change over the last decade, more entrepreneurs are seeing the huge opportunity to capitalize with a unique, fresh vending franchise.

But what exactly separates a fresh vending franchise from one that’s stale and old-fashioned? Let’s take a look at the key characteristics of a HUMAN Healthy Vending business to see why this vending opportunity is so unique, groundbreaking and lucrative.

A remarkably fresh vending franchise

Fresh & healthy foods, drinks and snacks.
First and foremost, a HUMAN Healthy Vending machine is stocked with the nutritious foods and drinks that today’s health-conscious consumers are looking for.

We offer numerous products that meet a wide variety of dietary requirements, including 100% organic, gluten free, SB-19 compliant, allergen free, low fat, low carb, no added sugars and more. This is a far cry from the old-fashioned machines that are stocked with stale chips, candies and snacks loaded with preservatives, fat and artificial ingredients.

Fresh, attractive machines.
Our state-of-the-art machines are another element that makes HUMAN a truly fresh vending franchise (Learn More). Say “goodbye” to boring, old, dimly lit machines of yesterday. Say “hello” to clean, bright, eye-catching machines with HD LCD screens that stream video 24/7.

Fresh payment options.
Let’s face it – fewer consumers are carrying cash and coins these days. Our vending franchise gives people the convenience of paying by credit card, with built-in readers that help maximize sales for operators.

Fresh revenue streams.
Remember those beautiful LCD screens we mentioned? HUMAN Healthy Vending has an integrated ad-serving network that enables operators to earn additional profits – effortlessly. The ads display automatically, earning business-owners additional revenue on top of product sales.

Fresh technology for customer satisfaction.
Older-style machines have those faulty coils that would always get stuck and take people’s money. HUMAN Healthy Vending’s machines are made with effective conveyor belts and strategically placed infrared sensors that refund a customer’s money if a product doesn’t vend. How cool is that?

Fresh energy efficiency.
HUMAN Healthy Vending’s machines use up to 50% less energy than standard vending machines. This is not only efficient and eco-friendly – it’s also an attractive selling point for location owners as well.

Fresh inventory monitoring.
In the old days, operators had no idea how well their machines were doing unless they drove to each one, checking the inventory individually. Today, HUMAN Healthy Vending offers remote monitoring technology that tracks sales and inventory, and allows operators to generate custom reports. This saves operators time, fuel and money, while also providing valuable insight into the demand for different products.

Discover the fresh vending franchise from HUMAN Healthy Vending

This is only a short list of the many features and benefits that make HUMAN a fresh, lucrative vending franchise for entrepreneurs. Our operators earn the highest profit margins in the industry, while running a simple, straightforward business that they can feel good about.

Interested in learning more? Simply contact us to learn more about our vending business and how you can get involved!