6 Signs of A Bad Franchisor

When getting involved with a franchise opportunity, your success depends not just on you but also on the role of the franchisor. Both parties must be committed to the business in order for it to be successful. You could be the smartest, most experienced business owner on the planet. But if the franchisor isn’t giving you the right resources to be successful, then your business will surely fail.

Most franchise companies will offer you tremendous amounts of support because, ultimately, when you succeed, they succeed. But sadly, there are a surprisingly large number of questionable companies that make their money primarily from taking franchise fees from unsuspecting entrepreneurs and then disappearing.

Want to avoid the most common traps?

Here Are 6 Franchisor Mistakes You Should Avoid

1) No business strategy.
One of the benefits of starting a franchise is that you get to follow a business strategy that has been proven and perfected by other business owners. If the franchisor has no strategy, then what’s the point? Without a clear business plan, you might as well be starting your own business from scratch.

2) No training.
Every franchisee should be properly trained on how to run the business successfully. If there is no training program in place, or very little, then you’ll quickly find yourself with lots of questions and challenges. Never partner with a company that isn’t willing to train you the right way.

3) No disclosure agreement.
By law, every legitimate franchise must have a disclosure agreement. This is the document that outlines the business, company history, training, costs and other critical information you need to make a well informed decision. If the franchisor does not have a disclosure agreement, then you should walk away.

4) Bad products.
Your job as a franchisee isn’t to design the products. You only distribute them. If consumers aren’t willing to buy, then this is likely a reflection of a poor quality product. Before you start a business, make sure you have looked closely at the products and have verified that there is a substantial market demand for them.

5) No assistance with market research.
Choosing a good location for your business is essential. Your decision will be based on important factors such as the competition in your area and the demographics of the local population. Most franchisors (More Info) will help you with this research to ensure that your business is a success. If you don’t get any assistance, be prepared to do it yourself, or partner with another company.

6) No ongoing support.
Just because training is over doesn’t mean you should be left on your own. A good franchisor will offer ongoing support and answers to your questions for as long as you run the business. Before getting started, make sure you find out who you can speak to whenever you need help.

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