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3 Simple Reasons Why Military Veterans Make Good Franchise Opportunities Business Owners

HUMAN Healthy Markets: An Exciting Franchise
Opportunity for Vets

Andy Mackensen, a Disabled Navy Veteran (honorable discharge in 2004) and Stanford MBA, is the Co-Founder of HUMAN Healthy Markets, one of America’s fastest growing franchises. Andy believes that his experience in the Navy gave him the necessary leadership to become a successful entrepreneur. “I got a ton of leadership and serve my country, especially during some of the more trying times that we’ve recently had. But I wanted to get back to my entrepreneurial roots.”

Joining forces with Sean Kelly, nutrition activist and social entrepreneur, Andy put his entrepreneurial spirit to work turning a slow-changing industry into the leading healthy food franchise. With more than 2000 healthy micro markets and vending machines across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, HUMAN is making healthy food more convenient than junk food. And top companies like Tesla, Apple, HP, BlueCross BlueShield and others are jumping on board, making HUMAN’s platform part of their wellness and engagement program.

Why Veterans Make Great Franchisees

Franchise Opportunity for Veterans

Being a former Naval Officer and Fast Boat Commander who successfully led numerous counter-terrorist Special Forces operations during the Iraq War, Andy says that veterans are uniquely suited for solving the nation’s most pressing challenges and this makes them incredible entrepreneurs. He believes that franchises are a perfect fit for veterans, as he’s witnessed firsthand how veterans within the HUMAN franchise have been incredible leaders in their communities.

What exactly makes the franchise system a great business opportunity for veterans? Andy says it boils down to three main factors:

#1: The military is a system.

Veterans are used to working within a system, which is typical within a franchise. A good franchise has discovered what to do and what to avoid, so when you follow our system you’ll have a thriving business.

#2: Military vets know how to and have plowed through obstacles.

Whether you’re starting your own business or joining an established franchise system, you’re going to encounter obstacles. Veterans tend to have a good mindset when facing those challenges that arise with any business.

#3: Veterans know what it means to serve.

Serving your country is very transferable to being a franchise owner and serving our community.

And what led Andy to start HUMAN is the ability to combine all 3 elements – a structured system, a willingness to overcome obstacles and a socially responsible venture that could make a huge difference in people’s lives. “HUMAN is more than just vending machines, equipment, or technology. It’s about healthy foods and helping people eat more healthily. What healthy micro markets and healthy vending machines really do is bring healthier foods to people and make it more convenient to make healthier choices.”

Some of the best franchisees in the HUMAN
system are veterans.

Corban Bates
, operating in Killeen, Texas, first became passionate about nutrition while he was in the army. “I watched my Soldiers fill their bodies with tons of junk food. In an effort to find ways to improve their overall health, I searched for ways to improve their nutrition without much effort on their part. I realized that health food was nowhere to be found in any convenient places. As soon as I found out about HUMAN Healthy Vending Machines, I knew I wanted to get on board.” You can watch the rest of Corban’s story in the video to the left to find out why he believes HUMAN is the top franchise opportunity for veterans.

Ruben Ayala is a former US Army Special Forces Officer (aka “Green Beret”) who operates his HUMAN Healthy Market business out of San Antonio, Texas.  Ayala has HUMAN machines at the YMCA Association of Greater San Antonio, The Aveda Institute and Castle Hills First Baptist School. “HUMAN is a great medium that will help any motivated veteran seeking a business model that is currently being proven in the market,” said Ayala. “Veterans are always looking for a great team to be a part of.  That is a cornerstone that makes our military great.  From what I have seen thus far, that is the environment that is being created amongst the HUMAN landscape.”

Ryan Leonard is another veteran who became a HUMAN franchisee upon his return to civilian life. After serving over 11 years in the United States Marine Corps and returning from Iraq and Afghanistan to civilian life, Ryan sought a franchise opportunity that would match his aspiration to become an entrepreneur with his desire to solve the nutrition-focused issues he saw during his years of service.

Once he discovered HUMAN’s mission of creating easy nutrition everywhere, he knew HUMAN was one of the best franchises for veterans. Find out more about Ryan’s journey to finding the perfect veteran-owned franchise in his feature in the Dallas News.

Dan Lewis, former Army Veteran and Reserve Officer, dealt with an ankle injury and then recurring migraines that led him to rethink his diet. As he began to pay attention to the foods he consumed and cut processed foods, his migraines disappeared. During the process of learning more about health and nutrition, Lewis heard about HUMAN and decided to start a franchise in order to help others in his hometown of Charleston, North Carolina eat better. You can read more about Dan’s story in an article that featured him in the Post & Courier.

Veterans Understand The Value of
Healthy Food Availability

franchises for veterans


The number of military applicants who are DENIED entry into the service because they’re too heavy has become staggering. In its recent report, Still Too Fat to Fight, the nonprofit “Mission: Readiness”, which is run by retired military leaders, found that roughly 25 percent of young adults ages 17 to 24 are too overweight to qualify for military service and it targeted junk food vending machines in schools as a contributor to this problem. With access to healthy food being so limited to our youth it’s no wonder that this is such a huge problem for Americans.

The HUMAN Healthy Markets vision is to make healthy food more convenient than junk food.  How exactly does HUMAN plan on making this dream a reality? It’s simple, by making healthy food and education more convenient through the placement of healthy & interactive micro markets and vending machines in schools, hospitals and offices across the globe! With your help, we can continue our growth starting in your local community.

Franchise opportunity for veterans

HUMAN Healthy Markets offers current members of the US Military (any branch) as well as those veterans who have received an honorable discharge from a branch of the US Military the option of paying an Initial Franchise Fee in exchange for discounted machine pricing for the life of their franchise. In addition, these veterans will receive a 10% discount off that Initial Franchise Fee.

If you’re a veteran looking for more information on starting a HUMAN Healthy Markets franchise and becoming your own boss, positively impacting your community, and joining a family of other veteran entrepreneurs, then click on the orange button below to get instant access to the HUMAN Handbook.  It’s the Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Launching & Growing an Automated Retail Business.


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