Franchise Vending – 7 Reasons To Start A Vending Business This Year


For decades, the franchise vending industry has been a popular option for entrepreneurs who want to pursue the American Dream. And, with exciting new breakthroughs and opportunities from HUMAN Healthy Vending, the future of vending has never looked brighter.

If you’re comparing franchises or are looking for the perfect business, here are just a few reasons to consider the vending industry.

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Why Choose Franchise Vending?

1. Virtually all-cash business
Many entrepreneurs prefer vending because it’s an all-cash business. Getting “paid” is as easy as collecting money from your machines – you can do it as often as you want. Plus, with new state-of-the-art machines from HUMAN Healthy Vending, your customers can also pay by credit card, enabling you to receive money directly into your bank account.

2. Flexible hours
The franchise vending industry is truly unique in that you are not required to follow a set schedule or the boring 9-to-5 routine. You can run your business at virtually any time of day or night, depending on where your machines are located. And as long as you keep your products well-stocked, you’ll rarely have to “show up” at all.

3. Freedom to run the business as you choose
Other franchises, like fast food restaurants, have long lists of specific operational requirements to ensure that you’re reinforcing the brand and delivering the same customer experience at every location. While consistency is still important in franchise vending (More Info), there is much more freedom, in part because most of the “customer service” is done by the machine.

4. Support from the franchisor
A good vending franchisor will help you find and acquire locations, train you on the machines and products, and provide support when you need it. This alone sets you up for greater success and makes your job easier.

5. Little interaction with customers
If you love the idea of starting a business, but don’t love the idea of dealing with customers all day, then vending is a great option. To maintain great customer service, you simply have to keep your machines stocked with the products people love – which in turn makes the location owners happy too.

6. Scalability
Vending businesses are highly scalable, allowing you to place machines all throughout the region, thus increasing your income potential.

7. Low cost
Starting a vending franchise business is typically far more affordable than opening large-scale businesses, such as fast food restaurants, which can cost hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars per location. This opens up opportunities for many entrepreneurs who are determined to start their own business but have limited capital.

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Let HUMAN Healthy Vending Show You The Many Benefits of Franchise Vending

At HUMAN Healthy Vending, we are flipping this industry on its head with an exciting line of fresh, nutritious products that today’s health-conscious consumers are looking for.

Contact us today to see why entrepreneurs like yourself are joining our fast-growing team of vending operators all over North America!

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