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Franchise Vending Machines – 6 Features To Maximize Sales And Make Your Life Easier

The quality, reliability and design of franchise vending machines each play important roles in the success of a vending operator.

Simply put, if your machines don’t work as they should, or aren’t built with today’s best features, then your bottom line won’t be as high as it could be.

To be successful in today’s marketplace, franchise vending machines need to do more than just vend products. They need to grab attention, build credibility instantly and offer all the items today’s consumers are looking for. But even more than that, the machines need to let customers pay a number of different ways, while also incorporating technology that saves the operator time and money.

As you compare various vending franchises, it’s crucial to look closely at the machines, how they work, how they’re made, and what they offer. Here are 6 key features to look for:

What To Look For In Franchise Vending Machines

– Cashless payments
A large segment of the population no longer carries cash. That means you could be turning away a lot of customers if your machine only takes bills and coins. Look for machines that have credit card readers, so you can accept payment from virtually any customer.

– Remote inventory monitoring
This feature is single-handedly revolutionizing the vending industry. Today’s best franchise vending machines (Related News) have built-in technology that automatically monitors inventory and alerts operators when to re-stock. No more driving around to check inventory manually, one machine at a time. This feature cuts down on time and transportation costs tremendously.

– LCD screens
Big, bright 23″ HD-quality LCD screens are what first attract customers to HUMAN Healthy Vending’s machines (and the incredible product selection is what keeps them coming back). But these screens offer more than just visual appeal. They can be used to stream ads, resulting in an additional source of income for operators. In fact, HUMAN Healthy Vending handles all the digital content themselves – operators don’t have to do any additional work to plug into this income stream.

– Energy savings
Today’s best machines use 30-50% less energy than standard machines. This is good news for you, location owners and the environment.

– Coil-less vending
Old-fashioned coil systems were notorious for stuck products and angry customers. Newer technology using conveyor belts and elevators ensure a successful vend, every time. And in the event something goes wrong and the customer doesn’t get their product, a special sensor should make sure they get their money back.

– Bright & friendly design
The overall look of a vending machine is crucial. Dark, dingy machines simply don’t cut it. Machines should be brightly lit and attractively designed to get the attention of customers.

Check Out HUMAN’s Franchise Vending Machines

At HUMAN Healthy Vending, we have pioneered the vending industry by developing innovative machines that incorporate all of the features above, plus many more. We offer 8 different machines for our operators, with over 5,000 healthy snacks and drinks to choose from. We were the world’s first 100% healthy vending company, and we have been rapidly expanding across the U.S. since 2008. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative machines and our exciting franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs.
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