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Franchise Opportunities vs. Vending

Vending Opportunities

Vending Opportunites

Franchise opportunities were once the go-to option for wealthy entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses.

But with new breakthroughs in vending technology and highly profitable programs offered by companies like h.u.m.a.n., today’s best vending opportunities have become a popular alternative for both entry-level and experienced business-seekers.

While franchise opportunities and vending can both produce reliable streams of income (assuming that you follow a proven business plan), the two enterprises can be drastically different.

To help you determine whether you should consider vending or traditional franchise opportunities for your next business, we’ve identified some key questions below to ask before starting your search.

Healthy Vending Franchise Review

Questions for Franchise Opportunities

1. How much money do you have to invest?
The most recognized franchise opportunities can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars when you factor in the franchise fees, real estate costs, equipment, inventory and all the other resources needed to operate the business.

In vending, you can avoid the high cost of overhead and real estate of franchise opportunities while still generating a steady stream of income. Typically, you’ll pay only to obtain the machines and keep them stocked, and the rest is profit. In some cases, you may want to provide a monetary incentive for business-owners to keep your machines at their location, but these costs are still nominal compared to real estate costs of larger franchise opportunities.

2. How quickly can you become profitable?
Franchise opportunities may seem like a smart idea because of their big fancy logos and strong brand recognition. But even if you run at maximum capacity, it can sometimes take years to pay off all the business’s debts and start operating in the black.

Because of the lower costs of operating a vending business, you can significantly accelerate your profits. Once your machines are in place, they start generating revenue immediately.

3. Do you want a business that is easily scalable?
Traditional franchise opportunities, such as fast food chains, have limited scalability due to cost, availability of locations and market demands. For example, let’s say you open a restaurant and it becomes so successful, you want to open another location. Be prepared to double your expenses just to get that operation started. But also, you may need to search the entire region to find another location that will perform as well.

Because of the small size of vending machines, and the variety of products that can be sold, you can easily increase the number of machines to scale your business at any time. And, unlike franchise opportunities, you won’t have to go far to expand that operation.

4. Do you want to hire employees?
Large franchise businesses will require round-the-clock staff, work schedules, and managers to oversee everything. In vending, you have the option of running the entire operation yourself, or hiring minimal staff to collect your revenue and keep your machines stocked.

5. How much time can you commit to its success?
If you’re searching for franchise opportunities thinking that you’ll never have to work, think again. Even if you have the money to invest in staff to run the whole operation for you, you’ll still need plenty of time to hire that staff, train them, and make sure the business runs smoothly.

The beauty of vending is that it’s a virtually automated business. The machines do the selling and keep the money flowing, even when you’re not around. Plus, you can easily set up efficient systems for collection and inventory replenishment, whether you do it on your own or hire help. (Wikipedia)


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