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Healthy Food Vending
Is Starting A Revolution

Vending Opportunities

Vending Opportunites

I bet you’re familiar with traditional food vending machines–plain, brown vending machines filled with candy bars, potato chips, cookies, and other high-calorie, sugary, and salty items. Sounds familiar, right?

Food vending isn’t a new concept. In fact, food vending has been around since the mid 20th century. Realistically, things haven’t changed much in the vending industry since then.

Until now, that is….

In any kind of business, it’s important to follow the trends. Health and fitness is a HOT trend that is spreading to a lot of different industries. Why should vending be any different?

Healthy food vending is sweeping across the world at a pace faster than traditional vending has ever seen. People are becoming more and more health conscious now that obesity rates continue to skyrocket. Providing people with easy access to healthy foods is crucial, and healthy vending is a gold mine.

Now, it’s a gold mine IF you do it right.

No More Junk Food!

What Types Of Healthy Food Products Are There?

This a common question asked by a lot of people–which healthy food vending products can be sold from a vending machine? The answer is, “almost everything.”

The products can be broken down into a four main categories:

➜  Food Bars

Includes granola bars, fruit bars, protein bars, assorted nuts, vegetarian snacks, and meal replacement bars

➜  Healthy Snacks

Featuring dried fruit, granola, trail mix, pita chips, kettle corn, healthy chips and cookies

➜  Beverages

Premium waters, organic juices, sports drinks, natural energy drinks, and protein shakes are extremely popular

➜  Dietary Supplements

Includes immune boosters, multi-vitamin packs, protein powders, and meal replacement packs

The sky’s the limit when it comes to selling the highest-quality, tastiest foods. Just selling the right products alone sets you miles ahead of everyone else.


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