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Food Franchises You May Want to Avoid

Food franchises can provide excellent business opportunities for nearly any investor – from new entrepreneurs to experienced business-owners. But it’s important to realize that not all food franchises are the same.

From the quality of the products to the profitability of the business model, the differences between each franchise can be vast. It’s up to you to carefully research every business to determine which opportunity has the greatest potential.

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Here are a few different types of Food Franchises you may want to avoid:

Fast Food
If you care at all about the quality of the food you’ll be selling to consumers, or the obesity epidemic in the United States, then you may want to think twice about starting a fast food franchise. Nearly all the major chains make their money selling fatty, calorie-rich products that are literally killing consumers. Some investors don’t have a problem with this because they know people will continue to pay for greasy, bad-for-you foods.

But it’s important to keep in mind that there are still several other great opportunities that are just as lucrative – if not more so – even though they offer healthy, nutritious products.

Chain Restaurants
The big chain restaurants can be a good investment for entrepreneurs who have 1) millions of dollars in capital to get their business off the ground, and 2) patience in waiting to achieve profitability. For everyone else, these food franchises might not be a good fit.

When implemented correctly, a widely recognized chain restaurant can become successful. The problem is that it takes an enormous amount of money to get started, as well as extensive experience in the food industry. But even when you have those two elements in place, you will likely have to wait years to see major returns on your investment because of the high costs of opening and running those restaurants.

Pizza Chains
Pizza chains are popular food franchises because of their relatively low start-up costs and simple operation. But like fast food, you’re stuck offering a mediocre product that is unhealthy for consumers. The major chains market themselves as using fresh ingredients, but in reality, those ingredients have been shipped and handled all over the country to ensure that every pizza tastes the same at every location.

There will always be a population of people who want a greasy slice of pizza once in a while, especially kids, but the question you have to ask yourself: is this really the business you’ve been dreaming about?

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