A Fresh Alternative to Fast Food Franchise Opportunities


Fast food franchise opportunities are facing serious challenges right now as more consumers search for healthier alternatives.

Over the last several years, the fast food industry has been under heightened criticism and scrutiny for contributing to the obesity epidemic in the United States and around the world. The fatty, greasy foods that were once considered a staple of many Americans’ diets are now viewed as dangers to a growing population of consumers. Although people’s busy lifestyles have only gotten busier, more consumers are looking for fresher, healthier options that give their bodies the nutrients they need to stay on the go.

An argument can be made that there will always be people who prefer those “bad” foods over healthier options. But as a prospective business owner, you need to decide if that’s really the industry where you want to put your heart and soul (and money).

As the demands of the market continue to evolve, there is a huge opportunity to capitalize on consumers’ changing needs while operating a business you can feel good about.

Instead of opening yet another fast food chain restaurant that sells nothing but junk, you can operate a simpler business while giving people the quick, nutritious foods and drinks they crave…


Vending: A New Breed of Healthy “Fast Food Franchise Opportunities”


Vending may not be considered “fast food” in the traditional sense, but thanks to HUMAN Healthy Vending, people can get the healthy snacks and meals they need, without interrupting their busy lifestyles.

Let’s take a look at why this business is a smart alternative to traditional fast food franchise opportunities (LiveStrong.com).

− Great products. Great nutrition.
HUMAN Healthy Vending has revolutionized the vending industry by offering consumers an extensive selection of nutritious foods and drinks, including great products that are organic, natural, and gluten-free. But these foods aren’t just nutritious – they taste great too! People love them because they are healthy and delicious at the same time.

− Quick, on-the-go delivery.
HUMAN’s vending machines are nothing like the old, outdated machines of yesterday. The machines are loaded with technology and cool features like LCD screens that help attract customers. They offer the option to accept credit cards to make it easier for people to pay. They use coil-less systems that don’t get stuck like the old-fashioned machines did, which helps to eliminate customers making a payment and not getting the item purchased. Most importantly, customers can grab their food and go – getting great foods and drinks in just seconds without sacrificing nutrition!

− Changing demands
The majority of traditional fast food franchise opportunities simply aren’t in a position to meet the needs of today’s health-conscious consumers. Some have tried to release healthier options, but ultimately, they cannot meet the full market demand without overhauling their business models. Healthy vending, however, is already at the center of this fast-growing trend and proving itself to be a great alternative to other fast food businesses.


Think Beyond Traditional Fast Food Franchise Opportunities


If you’re ready to start a fun, exciting, simple business with loads of potential, then learn more about HUMAN Healthy Vending today.

Our high-performance, high-tech vending machines are already in over 100 markets, and there’s plenty more room for growth in the years ahead. Our 100+ operators reap the benefits of running a simple, socially responsible business that meets the growing demands of today’s health-conscious consumers. Read more about us to see why HUMAN Healthy Vending is a smart alternative to traditional fast food franchise opportunities.