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New Operator FAQ

You have questions. We have the answers.

There are several reasons. Over a decade in selling a variety of quality vending machine equipment, our office has purchased, scrutinized and/or thoroughly tested virtually every vending machine you see advertised in the market today. Our extensive research and development led us to introduce the most ideal healthy vending machine ever – the Healthy YOU Vending System. As an owner-operator, your primary goal is to maximize your vending business potential. Rest assured that this will be achieved with our exclusively built Healthy YOU Machine, our unbeatable long-term support and the strongest guarantees in the industry. There’s a reason we’re recognized as the World Leader and #1 Choice of Healthy Vending Entrepreneurs in the Vending Machine Industry.

To sum it up: “All of the virtues, none of the vices.” In other words, a Healthy YOU Vending machine offers all of the things you want in a healthy vending machine, and none of the things you don’t want. If you’re serious about making money, then you want a machine with exceptional looks, elegance, and class. You want a machine that has the capability of accepting credit & debit cards. You want a machine that enables you as the operator the convenience of Remote Machine Monitoring (RMM). You want the optimal number of product selections for most consumers (see below). You want a Lifetime Warranty on your equipment. You want the easiest vending machine to service. You want a machine that can not only vend all the major healthy snacks & drinks but also gives you the option of vending healthy entrées and side dishes (other machines can’t). You want versatility, security, and stability. Above all, you want the best return on your money – you want to go into business with Healthy YOU Vending.

Each Healthy YOU Vending machine can hold up to 337 healthy snacks and drinks. With the optional Entrée/Side Dish Vendor, your capacity grows to over 415 healthy snacks, drinks, and entrées. We have found this to be the ideal amount of product to store in a single machine/location in order to maintain ideal freshness and variety for your customers.

In addition to potential locations from your own contacts, our Prime Healthy Locations team can identify qualified placement opportunities for your new Healthy YOU Vending machines in the geographic areas you want to target. The bottom line is we offer multiple location procurement options based on your timeframe, connections and personal needs.

With hundreds of different healthy snack and drink products available, what you fill your machines with will depend on each location. Healthy YOU Vending will not only connect you with the largest supplier of healthy vending products in the United States, but we will also provide the best tips and strategies based on the types of locations your Healthy YOU Machines are located in as well as who the patrons of your machines are. For example, your Healthy YOU Machines may be placed in a fitness center, a college campus or in the lobby area of a building with 300 employees. Each location is different with a different clientele. Healthy YOU Vending also provides the industry’s most comprehensive vending software to track and therefore maximize your profits. Strategy is the name of the game!

Why should you?! Our philosophy is different than any other healthy vending company. This is YOUR business, so we let you keep the money. We take nothing. You never have to pay Healthy YOU Vending licensing, trademark or other ongoing fees/royalties

Because our Healthy YOU Machine is the most simple healthy vending machine to service, it takes only about 20 minutes to service each healthy vending location.

Usually not. Most of our operators can conduct business with the vehicle they already own. As their healthy vending business grows, some operators choose to invest in one or more company vehicles, which can be a great tax deduction.

No. One person can service scores of machines on a part-time basis. Of course you can hire employees as your healthy vending business grows.

Absolutely! Although you will be in business FOR yourself, you will never be in business BY yourself. Our experienced in-house coaching staff at Healthy YOU Vending stands ready to assist you in every aspect of launching and maintaining your new healthy vending business. For questions, concerns, instructions, or ideas − just ask!

Every healthy vending entrepreneur has a different goal in mind. Vending is truly a numbers game. The more Healthy YOU machines you have in good locations, the more money you can make. The only two questions are: how fast do you want to get started, and how much money do you want to make with your Healthy YOU Vending machines?

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