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Why HUMAN Everywhere and not some other charity?

Initially, we donated a percentage of profits to third party charities and causes whose mission paralleled ours. That was ok, it was certainly still beneficial, but we learned a few things in this process that lead us to believe it could be improved. First off, we realized that as experienced and cause-driven leaders in the healthful food movement, we have a pretty darn good idea about where philanthropic funds should be donated to achieve maximal benefit and the greatest results.

Additionally, so often funds donated to charities are spent too liberally in the areas of fundraising, administration, and payroll, and we don’t want this. Rather, we want every dollar we donate to be maximized in terms of social impact and need the ability to concretely see what our donated funds are producing in real world terms. Hence the creation in 2011 of HUMAN Everywhere, HUMAN’s non-profit arm.

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