Coffee Vending Machines For An Amazing Brew

Old-fashioned coffee vending machines are infamous for their bland, metallic taste.

If you’ve ever bought coffee from one of these machines at a highway rest stop or from a lunch break room, then
you know that this cup of Joe is less than adequate. Sure, it might not cost you a lot of money – but once you
take the first sip, you realize it wasn’t worth it.



The poor quality is only one of many problems with these machines. Let’s take a look at some of the key issues
of old-fashioned coffee vending machines and how HUMAN Healthy Vending is revolutionizing the industry.


Problems with Old Coffee Vending Machines

-Simply bad coffee
This one is pretty obvious. The coffee stocked in older-style vending machines is often of the lowest quality on the market. But that’s not the only reason it tastes bad…

-Sitting for months
It’s not just bad, it’s old. Really old, in some cases. If you’re getting coffee out of a machine that is rarely restocked, then the product could have been sitting untouched for months. Coffee-drinkers know that this can ruin the taste of their Joe tremendously.

Old coffee vending machines can be very difficult to clean. And yet, cleaning them is essential to the taste. Busy vending operators don’t have hours of free time to manually clean every machine. Unfortunately, that means the machines often get dirtier and dirtier over time, resulting in a really bad cup of coffee.

-Not freshly ground
For the freshest taste possible, coffee beans should be ground right before the cup is brewed. But in many older- style machines, the coffee is ground long before it’s stocked in the machine.


Fresh Organic Coffee that Rivals Your Favorite Café

HUMAN Healthy Vending has introduced new coffee vending machines that provide an incredible cup of Joe –
and healthy profits to vending operators.

Here’s what makes our “Joe HUMAN” machines so different:

-Premium organic coffee & fair trade
We stock our machines with the best coffee beans, obtained through fair trade practices. Our coffee is organic, which means the beans have been grown without the use of harmful pesticides or other dangerous chemicals.

-Beans are ground on the spot
Our beans aren’t ground until the moment you order a cup. This preserves the freshness and results in exceptional taste, every time.

-Self cleaning
Our machines are built with several self-cleaning mechanisms, which saves vending operators time and effort, while ensuring the best taste – always.

-Optimum water pressure
We’ve also incorporated a unique water pressure valve that helps extract the maximum essence and flavor from our coffee beans.

-Wide selection of products
Unlike older machines that serve a single cup of black coffee, our machines offer cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, espressos and more – great for both consumers and our vending operators.

-Cashless payment options
Don’t have any change on you? No problem. Our coffee vending machines give vending operators the option of offering cashless payments, so that you can pay with a credit card or debit card.


Learn More About Our Coffee Vending Machines Today

If you are interested in placing a Joe HUMAN coffee machine at your business, or if you’re interested in becoming a vending operator, contact HUMAN Healthy Vending today for more information.

Let us show you even more reasons why our machines provide the best cup of Joe in our industry – and the best profits for our independent operators.