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The Explosive Coffee Service Trend

We all know what vending machines are. We see them in every shopping mall and office breakroom. Chances are, if it’s a high-traffic public place, there is at least one vending machine there. Normally, these vending machines are stocked with junk food–candy bars, soda, potato chips, etc.

However, you may have seen coffee vending machines popping up. With the coffee shop boom, people have gotten accustomed to getting personalized coffee service. Offering premium coffee service at your location will bring in a lot of business.



The best coffee vending machines offer the same three things: -They offer exceptional-tasting coffees -They provide a wide drink selection of coffee, cappuccino, lattes, mochas, and more -They feature a high-capacity design with self-cleaning systems HUMAN Healthy Vending is the world’s first turnkey, 100% healthy vending program to offer premium coffee vending machines.

Best of all, these machines are entirely FREE for your location. By placing premium coffee service at your location, you will increase profits and attract customers. People love their coffee, especially when there are plenty of options. Coffee service is convenient.

Imagine waking up late and not having time to make coffee. However, you can barely function without your caffeine fix. If a coffee vending machine was available at your workplace, you could easily get your premium coffee. 


Offering Coffee Service At Your Location is a HOT New Money Maker

Each coffee machine serves over 300 cups of coffee before re-stocking, which means your customers can enjoy numerous cups of coffee before your vending operator needs to restock it. HUMAN coffee machines are equipped with a self-cleaning mixing circuit, product delivery, and grinding assembly, saving you TIME and EFFORT! All of our coffee vending machines feature a solid construction of steel cabinet/rust proof treatment, vandal-proof locks, and crow-bar resistant design.

Of course, the coffee service provided needs to provide products that taste great. We stock our machines with whole coffee beans that are freshly ground and organic to produce on-the-spot coffee, mochas, lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, and more!