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A Fresh Alternative to Traditional Coffee Franchises

Coffee franchises have become a popular option for entrepreneurs of all experience levels for one simple reason: people love coffee!

From a simple cup of Joe to a rich, decadent cappuccino, coffee is a hot product in nearly all adult demographics. With the right business model and recipe for success, a coffee franchisee can stand to make a killing in this industry.

The question is: which type of coffee business is right for you?

Starting your own small-town cafe may seem easy, but without an existing business model to follow, you’ll likely face many challenges in generating new customers, finding the right inventory and figuring out how to make your business profitable.

On the flip side, opening big-name coffee franchises can be extremely costly. In many cases, the initial real estate, franchise fees and other start-up costs can add up to millions of dollars. If you don’t have that kind of capital lying around, then you’re out of luck. And, even if you can obtain additional investors or financing, it’s likely to take you years to pay down that debt and start seeing real cash flow.

However, there’s another great option available to entrepreneurs who want to reap the benefits of opening a coffee business without the hassle and high costs of traditional brick-and-mortar shops…

Vending: Fun, Simple Coffee Franchises for Any Entrepreneur

What makes vending-based coffee franchises such a smart option for business owners?

– Ease of operation
Vending is virtually an automated business. Point-of-sale transactions and product delivery is automatic with each customer order. Operators simply have to keep their machines stocked with the high-quality coffee products people are looking for and collect the revenue.

– Simple inventory management
By partnering with the right vending franchise, you can eliminate the guesswork of finding the right products. The franchisor will provide you with options based on the success of other locations. And once you see how your own machines perform, adding or removing products based on local demand is a piece of cake.

– Low start-up costs
In vending, your operating costs primarily come from purchasing or renting the vending machines, maintaining inventory and travel costs. This is a far cry from the costs of opening and operating large coffee franchises that often come with 6- and 7-figure price tags.

– Easy scalability
Opening a new “business” in vending is as simple as placing another machine in a new location. The possibilities are nearly endless.

An Innovative Approach to Coffee Franchises

At HUMAN Healthy Vending, we are breaking new ground in our industry by giving consumers the fresh, healthy foods and drinks they are looking for – and that includes great coffee!

Our popular “Joe Human” vending machines deliver premium, fair-trade organic coffee that tastes WAY better than your average cup of coffee. Whole coffee beans are actually ground on the spot, and the machines serve not just coffee, but also cappuccinos, lattes, mochas and more! Plus, they feature tons of innovative features that all our machines are known for, including self-cleaning systems and an advanced cashless payment system that gives your customers the option to pay by credit card.

To learn more about our Joe Human coffee and other vending opportunities at HUMAN Healthy Vending, get in touch with us today!


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