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Coffee Franchise Opportunities…Without The Overhead


It’s no secret that people love coffee and are willing to pay more for a quality cup. This is one reason why coffee franchise opportunities are a popular option for prospective business owners of all levels of experience.

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs are often shocked to discover that a cheap cup of coffee doesn’t always translate into a cheap franchise business. To open up one of the major, market-leading national coffee chains in your neighborhood, you’ll be required to shell out several hundreds of thousands of dollars – and that’s just to get the business started.

When you factor in the overhead of employees, real estate costs, equipment, training and inventory, you’re easily looking at an investment that’s upwards of $1 million and higher. For many entrepreneurs, this simply isn’t viable.

Fortunately, there’s a more affordable alternative to traditional coffee franchise opportunities that enables you to tap into this market (including the premium, gourmet beverage side of the market) – without all that overhead and high startup costs.

The solution: vending.

These days, you can capitalize on coffee – virtually anywhere in North America – with state-of-the-art coffee vending machines that deliver an exceptional cup of coffee. Not all coffee vendors are the same, however, so you need to make sure you partner with the right company.

As you begin comparing vending franchises, here are some questions you should be asking to ensure you choose the right business.


Choosing the Best Coffee Franchise Opportunities


– How good is the coffee?
The quality of the product is critical to the success of your business. Make sure the coffee tastes good and is made from fresh, top-quality beans. Also, look for organic options to ensure you’re meeting all possible dietary needs and preferences.

– How large is the selection?
Don’t settle for machines that only offer a standard cup of coffee. To compete with other coffee franchise opportunities, your vending machine should offer cappuccinos, lattes, espressos and more.

– Are beans pre-ground?
For better freshness and taste, look for machines that grind coffee beans on the spot – right when the customer orders.

– How can customers pay?
Today’s consumers don’t carry cash like they used to. Make sure your machine has the ability to accept credit and debit card payments.

– Self-cleaning or manual?
How easy is it to clean the machine, and how often will it need to be done? Is there a built-in self-cleaning option?

– Where does the water come from?
Will you need to connect to a water line, or does the machine offer the option to store a tank inside?


A fresh alternative to traditional coffee franchise opportunities


If you’re looking for coffee franchise opportunities that don’t require the hassle and high costs of opening a traditional brick-and-mortar shop, then take a closer look at HUMAN Healthy Vending.

Our “Joe HUMAN” coffee is just one option in a long line of innovative vending machines offering fresh, healthy foods and drinks for today’s consumers. Our Joe HUMAN machine creates an exceptional cup of coffee, made from premium, fair trade, organic coffee beans, which are ground right on the spot.

The machines also offer a wide selection of additional, great-tasting caffeinated beverages, including lattes, mochas, cappuccinos and more. Plus, they have self-cleaning systems, cashless payment systems, and loads of other features that benefit both customers and operators like yourself.

How lucrative are our vending franchises? Let us show you!

Contact HUMAN Healthy Vending today to learn more about our vending-based coffee franchise opportunities.