Coffee Franchise For Sale – Why There’s So Much Potential In Vending

If you’re searching for a coffee franchise for sale, then you probably already recognize a huge potential in coffee.

As recently noted by the New York Times, coffee has been among the top two or three most popular drinks on Earth for hundreds of years, and research is showing that it could have several health benefits too. Coffee is not going anywhere anytime soon. Countless businesses have thrived on the sale of coffee, from small local cafes to the big coffee franchises and even the cheap stuff sold at roadside convenience stores.

As an entrepreneur or investor, you likely already see the huge opportunities in the industry. The question is: exactly where will your business fit into the picture, and how will you compete with the seemingly endless options that are already available to consumers?

If you haven’t yet considered vending for your new coffee business, you could be missing out on a big opportunity. Here’s why.



Why Consider A Vending-Based Coffee Franchise For Sale?

Quick, on-the-go option for coffee-drinkers
Let’s face it – not everyone has time to run to the coffee shop, especially if they’re at work, school, the grocery store or the gym. Coffee vending machines provide an obvious solution that enables people to get fresh, inexpensive coffee wherever they are. It fits perfectly into people’s busy lifestyles and is a virtual life-saver for those who need a quick cup at a moment’s notice.


Easy to operate
Another big reason to consider coffee vending is that it is much simpler to operate than a traditional coffee franchise for sale. There is no need for employees (unless you hire people to stock your machines). No scheduling. No dealing with customers. You simply need to keep the machines stocked and collect the cash – it’s really that simple.

Affordable alternative to brick-and-mortar businesses
A traditional coffee franchise for sale can require close to a million dollars in startup capital. Depending on the business, you’ll need real estate, staff, equipment and lots of other overhead. But with vending, you simply have the machines and the inventory to keep them stocked as needed.

All-cash business
Vending is virtually an all-cash business – your profits are available to you immediately, at any time, right in the machine. Want to offer more options for your customers? No problem. Today’s newest coffee vending machines (More Info) can be installed with credit/debit card readers too.


Expanding a vending business is as simple as adding a new machine to another location. There’s virtually no limit to the possibilities, because the machines take up minimal space – and if you offer products that people want, then location-owners will be happy to let you place a machine on their property.



Discover A Fresher Coffee Franchise For Sale

At HUMAN Healthy Vending, our “Joe HUMAN” is one of our most popular options for franchisees. It’s a state-of-the-art vending machine that offers fresh, premium organic coffee, brewed on the spot for each customer.

Features include:

- Grinds fresh, whole coffee beans for every cup
– Wide drink selection of coffee, lattes, mochas, espressos and more
– Self-cleaning system
– Serves over 300 cups before needing restocking
– Tap into water line or use internal tank
– Cashless payment system

Our Joe HUMAN is just one of many unique vending options we offer. We are the world’s first 100% healthy vending company, giving today’s consumers the fresh, nutritious, on-the-go snacks they’re looking for.

Contact us today to learn more about our coffee vending machines and other opportunities at HUMAN Healthy Vending.