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Meet Your Local Healthy Snacking Experts:
Leigh and son Jason Hottel

Why we decided to join the HUMAN family?

I have always been interested in health and nutrition. A few years ago, I made a conscious choice to eliminate processed food from my diet whenever possible. As a territory sales representative for a national company, I am away from home several nights a week. It was frustrating to me that I could never find nutritional food in vending machines when traveling.

I was also looking for a business franchise for my son and I to become involved with. When I found HUMAN, I knew that this was a natural fit for us.

What we like best about being social entrepreneurs in The Woodlands Community?

The internet is where people get their information in today’s society. I know there are other people like me who want to eat healthier but don’t know where to find nutritional snacks. I found HUMAN by googling “healthy vending”. I am excited to bring easy nutrition to Myrtle Beach and surrounding counties in North and South Carolina.

What sets us apart from other vending companies?

The fact that Jason and I are the owners and operators of our machines set us apart from an average vending operator. We are local and fully invested in our community. We want to be partners with local schools, fitness centers, hospitals and businesses to offer a healthy alternative to traditional snacks and beverages.

As a HUMAN owner/operator we commit to being a partner in meeting nutritional goals for interested locations in the Grand Strand and surrounding area.

We will work with our partners to determine their vending needs and provide machines at no charge to them. We would help develop the best mix of products and return a commission to the location based on sales.

We will fully service and stock the machines as often as needed.

Using the monitoring system available with our machines, our partners have complete visibility to sales at all times.

Ranked as the #168 Fastest Growing Company in America by Inc. 500


Healthy Vending in Myrtle Beach, SC


From the perspective of an educational institution, HUMAN has done extensive research into the new USDA guidelines regarding Smart Snacks in Schools. Our partners can be assured that our product mix will be in full compliance with the new guidelines.

The HUMAN machines are “eye catching” and appealing to potential buyers. The graphics on the machines set them apart from other traditional vending. The machines also clearly communicate a high priority of the company in fighting childhood obesity by giving 10% of profits to organizations founded for this purpose.

Did we mention that we also vend coffee?

The HUMAN coffee machines bring high quality coffee right into your business or location. It’s like having a Starbucks right on location, only better. There are over 20 choices of coffee including espressos, mochas, lattes and much more. Much better tasting coffee than your standard office coffee and hassle-free for you and your employees.



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Leigh and Jason Hottel

Leigh and Jason Hottel

HUMAN Franchisee at HUMAN Everywhere
Leigh and Jason are a mother and son duo who want to partner with local schools, fitness centers, hospitals and businesses to offer a healthy alternative to traditional snacks and beverages.
Leigh and Jason Hottel

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