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HUMAN Healthy Vending Seacoast NH

Bringing Better Snacks to the Seacoast!

Great Bay Services, a fixture of the Seacoast community since 1954, is proud to announce it has joined the HUMAN Healthy Vending family.  Great Bay is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting people with developmental disabilities to live and work as valued members of the Seacoast Community.  HUMAN Healthy Vending is committed to providing healthy snack alternatives.  Together they will provide not only better nutrition, but a way for people with disabilities to be a more integral part of the community.

Great Bay has 2 main reasons for joining with HUMAN Healthy Vending:

1.  Easy Access to Better Nutrition – Let’s be honest we are all more likely to go with what is convenient than necessarily what is healthy.  By simply providing easy ways to access nutritious foods, we can all start eating the way we know we should.

2.  Funding for ProgramsALL proceeds go directly towards programs at Great Bay, this will allow us to both increase the number of people we can serve AND expand our programs.

And if that’s not enough, HUMAN Healthy Vending is also one of the leaders in the fight against childhood obesity, donating 10% of profits to the cause. The proprietary line of Super HUMAN Snacks That Give Back meet or exceed the new USDA Smart Snacks In School rules. For every snack purchased, one child nutrition pack is donated via our charitable partnership with GAIN, the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition.

We are so much more than just a vending machine company.

Community sampling events, participating in community wellness initiatives, and working closely with local businesses allows Great Bay to spread healthy ideas and provide a way for people of all abilities to come together.

Learning to make the better choice isn’t always easy, but with HUMAN Healthy Vending you can be assured that any choice we offer is the better one!

Easy Nutrition Everywhere!

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Healthy Vending in Seacoast, NH

Whether it is an after school snack, a break at the office, or a quick refuel after a workout, we want to make healthy options more convenient than junk food.

The HUMAN platform consists of three convenient methods to provide your location with healthy options…

Our Healthy Vending Machines are heads-and-shoulders above the old brown junk-food machines of the past. We have the most innovative fleet of automated vending machines and provide a fully customized experience for your location.

The most exciting new option in self-serve markets is our Healthy Micro Market solution. Our Healthy Micro Markets will provide your office or break room with a fully automated market that is stocked with fresh, healthy snack and meal options.

Finally, our Healthy Snack Delivery program called SnackNation is perfect for smaller offices where vending options are not available. Ultra-convenient with a monthly delivery right to your office door!

HUMAN Healthy Vending is committed to providing you with the most healthy and tasty options available. Whatever your needs may be, we have the machine, market, or delivery service solution available to ensure a nutritious snack is never too far away!



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Jennifer Sweatt

Jennifer Sweatt

HUMAN Franchisee at HUMAN Everywhere
Jennifer is committed to bringing healthier snack, drink and meal options to the Seacoast community.
Jennifer Sweatt

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