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Sharmaine and Ahmed Moulton, Along With Randall Rochon


We joined the HUMAN family because it is one of the few franchises that encourages social entrepreneurship. HUMAN is a health and nutrition company first and a vending company second. This culture embodies everything that we desire in our business as we want to help others and teach others to help themselves. One might wonder how this is possible with vending machines. Look at the company mission: “Helping Unite Mankind and Nutrition by making healthy food and education more convenient through the placement of 100% healthy and interactive vending machines in schools, hospitals and other locations across the globe.”

We love being involved in the process of change! We changed the way we ate a few years ago after watching several family members pass away from illnesses that are often preventable with better nutritional habits. But we do not want to stop at just changing our habits; we want to share what we have learned with our community. Being part of HUMAN gives us the opportunity to pursue a cause much bigger than ourselves. By educating and promoting better nutritional habits within our community we believe we are not only changing lives but saving lives. Eat Better, Live Better!

We are not the average vending company for several reasons, but the greatest attributes that set us apart from our competitors all encompass our purpose. First, we are social entrepreneurs who seek innovative solutions to some of society’s greatest social problems. We measure our performance by observing positive changes in our community, as a result of our work. Therefore, we believe that if we do our part in educating others about smart, healthy food choices, the social return will outweigh the monetary. In fact, 10% of HUMAN’s proceeds are donated to organizations and charities that fight childhood obesity and malnutrition.

Our machines are not your average vending machines! They are sophisticated, technologically advanced, eco-friendly, highly versatile machines that demonstrate to your patrons that you care about their health. The innovative design and spectacular graphics along with the optional 23’’ LCD screen that streams nutritional information and advertisements put our machines in a class of their own and help create a unique culture and vending experience for your location. With over 5,000 different healthy options, a highly efficient machine and operators who hold your health, happiness and satisfaction in the highest regard, we assure you Quality, Reliability, Integrity and a Healthy working relationship!

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Healthy Vending in Pembroke Pines, FL


Unlike many vending companies we are a franchised company consisting of individual owners who desire to serve you! We are here because we are excited to educate and promote healthier eating wherever we can. With great pride of ownership, we have a vested interest in your satisfaction. We work with you to select the items in your machine and are always open to suggestions on new products if they meet our nutritional guidelines. Our healthy vending program is about making people feel good from the inside out and anything we can do to achieve that becomes top priority!

Did we mention that we also offer coffee vending services?

HUMAN Healthy Vending offers a great cup of Joe! Introducing our Joe HUMAN coffee machine with fresh, organic coffee that rivals your favorite café! Stop running out of the office for coffee and let us bring it to you! Enjoy over 20 different choices of gourmet coffee, espressos, mochas, lattes, hot chocolate and more! It’s like having your own Starbucks just a few steps away! Joe HUMAN is in a class of its own and will satisfy you without that UNHEALTHY guilt! With no cost or maintenance to you, why not give Joe HUMAN a try in your office today?



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Sharmaine and Ahmed Moulton

Sharmaine and Ahmed Moulton

HUMAN Franchisees at HUMAN Everywhere
Sharmaine and Ahmed believe that by educating and promoting better nutritional habits within our community we believe we are not only changing lives but saving lives. Eat Better, Live Better!
Sharmaine and Ahmed Moulton

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