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Meet Your Park City Healthy Vending Expert & Social Entrepreneur

Healthy Vending with Mary & Jim P.

Mary & Jim Palmer work with HUMAN to bring Healthy Vending services to Park City, UT!


Why did you decide to join the HUMAN Healthy Vending family?

After living all over the country Mary and Jim settled in Park City, UT in order to enjoy the fantastic quality of life. Like most residents of a ski resort town, they take full advantage of the year-round outdoors activities that make the area so unique. Mary’s background is in public relations for the healthcare and grocery sectors. Jim is a former biathlon Olympic development coach and sales executive for the pharmaceutical and outdoor industries. The Palmers never thought much about vending until their young children started requesting quarters for the junk-laden vending machines around town. The glaring lack of nutritious food-on-the-go in their active community sent the Palmers on a path to merge health and convenience. In 2012 they aligned with Human Healthy Vending to pioneer healthy snack and drink vending in Northern Utah.

What do you like best about being a social entrepreneur in your community?

Utah is one of the fittest states in America and Summit County is comprised of health-conscious and active families living fast-paced lives. Between work, school, sports, and extracurricular activities we sometimes have to grab a quick energy-sustaining snack. Unfortunately, the wholesome foods that we all know we should be eating are not the options most readily available to us. The lack of healthful, accessible choices is what inspired us to partner with Human (which stands for “helping unite mankind and nutrition”). Our goal is to make nutritious food more convenient than junk food in this community. Joining the national backlash against the obesity crisis, we’re placing our healthy vending machines in schools, gyms, hospitals, and offices – completely free to the location. And because 10% of profits are donated to charitable organizations that fight obesity and malnutrition, every single vend is philanthropic.

What sets you apart from the “average” vending operator?

We realize that people want to lead healthy balanced lives. Food is intended for both pleasure and health and we’re passionate about taking Northern Utah in a healthier direction with our eco-friendly machines that only vend 100% natural and tasty snacks. Our selection of 5,000 snacks and beverages includes gluten-free and organic products, as well as many items meeting allergy and dietary requirements. We also source local products.

Other advantages?

  • Our machines use up to 50% less energy than traditional machines
  • Our machines are credit and debit card friendly
  • Larger capacity means that one of our machines can replace four traditional machines
  • Conveyor belt technology means fewer mis-vends – no more coils snagging items
  • Remote monitoring translates to better stocking and customer service
  • Digital LCD screens attached to the machines offer health education and nutrition tips

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Park City Vending Services

We’ve all heard the expression (and Whitney Houston lyric): the children are our future. While the sentiment is sweet, it does raise some concern, considering that one-third of American children are either overweight or obese. Of course, these numbers are a large factor in the expert prediction that 42% of American adults will be obese by 2030. Organizations across the country are teaming up to address childhood obesity in order to pave the way for a brighter future.

One such organization is UnitedHealthcare, which has committed to the battle against childhood obesity by providing targeted grants to cities around the state, like Park City, Utah.

UnitedHealthCare Funds Youth Programs in Utah

Through its United Health HEROES initiative, UnitedHealthCare is currently offering grants up to $1000 for schools and community-based nonprofit organizations with missions to fight childhood obesity. HEROES funds youth-led programs, which combine physical activity, such as walking, running, or hiking (in which participants track their total steps) with a service activity.

The program is currently in its fifth year, following four years of success and approximately $500,000 worth of grants. Chief executive officer of UnitedHealthcare in Utah, Jeri Jones, released the following statement: “We are excited to see the creative ideas young people come up with to help fight obesity and encourage healthier lifestyles.”

Healthy Vending Services in Park City

If you head up one of the schools or nonprofits funded by HEROES, now is your chance to contribute to the cause. While incorporating physical activity into children’s daily routines is one step, better nutrition is necessary for making a lasting change. Current vending companies in Park City offer sugary sodas and junk food to the city’s youth.

Park City vending services can easily be improved with Healthy Vending machines by HUMAN. Fuel your hometown with better health with one (or more!) of Healthy Vending’s hot, cold, indoor, or outdoor machines.