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Meet Your Local Healthy Snacking Experts:
Michael and Amy LaRocque


Why we decided to join the HUMAN team:

When you decide that you want to go into business for yourself, like we did, you quickly find out that there are no shortage of choices. It does not take long before you realize that finding the right business opportunity and company that shares your vision, core values and goals is more difficult than you think. When we came across HUMAN and first spoke, you could tell that it was different than all of the other companies. There was not only a confidence in their own program but a sincere interest in understanding our goals to foster our success. Over several conversations it became clear that HHV would not be just a company but a partner that shares the same principals we do. A partner that was not only engaged in the success of our business but also in our development as business owners and members of our community.

What we like most about being a social entrepreneur in our community:

Simply put, leading by example. As a result of the type of service we provide, we have the opportunity expose many people to a better understanding of their own health, the food choices they make and how they are related to one another. For us being a social entrepreneur may start with the healthy choices we provide but the real focus is on having the individual understand how to make their own healthy choices beyond snack food. It is our hope that something as simple as making better snack choices will lead to better food choices all day, every day.

What makes us the best vending service in Greensburg, PA?

When considering any vending service we believe it is important to look at three main areas, Features, Benefits and Values (FBV). Our FBV’s include:

• We currently have over 5000 snack and drink products available.
• Flexibility to meet any nutritional requirement requested.
• Reliability that guidelines are always being met either now or in the future.
• Machines are equipped with remote monitoring and send updates on products sold four times a day.
• Remote monitoring ensures that the machine will not sit empty/broken.
Value: No need to call the operator to fill or fix the machine. Frees up more of your time.
• Healthy vending machines can hold both snacks and drinks in one machine.
• A fewer number of machines are needed to provide the same level of service.
Value: Fewer machines = lower electric cost.

These are just a few. Contact us to learn more.

Ranked as the #168 Fastest Growing Company in America by Inc. 500


Healthy Vending in Greensburg, PA


The typical vending service providers have concentrated on only the vending and forgotten all about the service and community. The products they provide foster poor eating choices, especially for children, and provide nothing for the community. It is our goal to change all of that.

• Our quality of service is based on your feedback not ours.
• We provide thousands of nutritional great tasting choices to meet any requirement or client profile.
• Each machine type and layout is customized for your location.
• Machines accept cash, credit or debit
• Remote monitoring eliminates the need for calls to fill or service the machine.
• Our machines use up to 30% less electricity and store more product, thereby reducing your costs and space needed.
• HUMAN believes in giving 10% of its yearly profits back to the community to support the fight against the causes of obesity and malnutrition.

A vending business, regardless of the product, operates solely on repeat customers. It is how we approach our customers that sets us apart from the “average” vending operator. Our focus is on providing a quality product at a reasonable price, with a service that is above all others. We call it our S.O.P.S. principal (Selling On Products & Services). We don’t sell products to our customers, we sell our customers on our products. In addition, we prefer to be proactive to any concerns that any of our locations should have. In fact don’t be surprised if we ask you to grade our service every month. Your input is critical to us in meeting your needs and goals.

Did we mention that we also offer coffee vending services?

Whether your location has snack and/or beverage choices you probably have a “standard” coffee service. Do you get value for this service or does it seem to eat up employee productivity? Is the quality what you expected? Why deal with that when you could have coffee on demand made from whole ground “Fair Trade” gourmet coffee beans that includes over 20 choices like espressos, mochas and lattes. Can your existing service provide the same value? No then try the HUMAN Joe. The HUMAN Joe is an all in one machine that makes not only coffee but cocoa in a matter of seconds. No need for employees to leave the office or spend long periods of time waiting for coffee to brew. You satisfy a wide range of tastes and no longer have to worry about the maintenance or cleanup. Oh and the taste, some say it is better than Starbuck’s.



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Michael and Amy LaRocque

Michael and Amy LaRocque

HUMAN Franchisee at HUMAN Everywhere
Michael and Amy believe that something as simple as making better snack choices will lead to better food choices all day, every day.
Michael and Amy LaRocque

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