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We are SO excited to get onboard with HUMAN Healthy Vending & Micro Markets bringing you the best, tastiest and healthiest food around.

Susan worked in the Federal Contracting arena for many years and faced many late-night deadlines. Says Sue, “Everyone working late would raid the hideous vending machines — because that’s all there was in the breakroom. If you left the campus and went through the trouble of going through umpteen security doors, getting your car out of the gated parking lot — let’s face it, you weren’t likely to come back. It was just too much of a hassle. So you succumbed to the evil vending machines with all that sugar and chemical-laden food and sodas. Bummer!”

Sue’s old company even announced they were removing the machines since they weren’t aligned with their mission of federal health work! Right then and there Sue determined there had to be a solution delivering healthy convenient snacks & foods in workplaces. HUMAN is that solution. From Healthy Micro Markets to technologically superior vending machines — HUMAN is leading the way!

John & Martin see an opportunity to help youth in schools, and adults in their workplaces to experience “EASY NUTRITION EVERYWHERE” — a key HUMAN motto. John points out, “With the new mandatory USDA guidelines for healthy vending in schools, we’re not allowing our kids to fill up on junk anymore. I applaud that, and HUMAN has the coolest re-engineered vending machines to meet that need.”

THE FOLKS AT NOVA HEALTHY VENDING can’t wait to share their vision of HUMAN, which is “Helping Unite Mankind And Nutrition.” After all, it’s better to be HUMAN than ALIEN, which is a junkfood mindset that is “Attacking Life as Infectious Enemies of Nutrition.”

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Healthy Vending in Fairfax, VA

There are three ways we deliver Healthy Foods right where you are; Healthy Micro Markets, Healthy Vending and SnackNation, which is regular delivery of various Healthy Snacks that comes right to your home or office.

If your office is a little bigger, say 75 people, then Healthy Vending may be a way to improve nutrition in the workplace.

If you have 100 or more employees, then your location may be tailor-made for a Healthy Micro Market. Keep in mind that you pay NOTHING for a Micro Market or Healthy Vending Machines!

In fact, if you’re a School, YMCA or other non-profit, you can increase your revenue stream with HUMAN Healthy Vending! We’ll tell you how! Employees really appreciate convenient Healthy Foods and it’s all part of Wellness efforts that many companies are interested in these days.

The Healthy Micro Market with fresh foods, and the beautiful, snazzy Healthy Vending Machines are embraced by employees as a really cool perk in the workplace! People will be more productive since they don’t have to dash out for food, and they won’t be suffering the sugar crash that comes with typical junk food. The boss looks good without spending any upfront costs. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

For smaller offices, SnackNation Healthy Snack Delivery comes to the rescue. Law firms can offer complimentary Healthy Snacks to their clients and attorneys — or any workplace can display the snacks in an attractive rack box that comes free with your subscription. It includes a slot to encourage deposits on the honor system. Either way, it’s a great way to get some healthier alternative snacking going on.

All of us at NoVa Healthy Vending are really proud of what HUMAN is doing spreading “EASY NUTRITION EVERYWHERE.” They even have their own (growing) line of Healthy Snacks called SUPER HUMAN SNACKS. And did you know that 10% of profits go to promoting Healthy Childhood Nutrition? That’s something we can ALL be proud to be a part of. YES!



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Susan Swiatek

Susan Swiatek

Franchise Owner at HUMAN Everywhere
We are SO excited to bring Healthy Vending & Micro Markets to Fairfax, VA. There are three ways we deliver Healthy Foods right where you are; Healthy Micro Markets, Healthy Vending and Healthy Snack Delivery right to your home or office.
Susan Swiatek

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