Meet Your Elk Grove Healthy Vending Expert & Social Entrepreneur

Healthy Vending with Stacey & Brian Van Lente

Stacey & Brian Van Lente work with HUMAN to bring Healthy Vending
services to Elk Grove, CA!

Why did you decide to join the HUMAN Healthy Vending family?

Being parents, we started researching good things to eat as snacks for our family. We quickly realized that some of the snacks and drinks we thought were healthy were actually far from it. We decided it was time to make a change and H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending fit right into our desire to make that healthier change…one snack at a time. H.U.M.A.N Healthy Vending helps bring more nutritional options to everyone helping others to make those same changes.

What do you like best about being a social entrepreneur in your community?

We love the idea that we can bring these healthier choices to other families in our community and make healthier snacks easily available. With so many activities and the busy lives that families have, healthy snacking is a must!

What sets you apart from the “average” vending operator?

We are a local family. We have lived In Elk Grove for over 19 years and have a vested interest in seeing our Community grow into a healthier place to live and work. Changing to healthy snacks is just the start. We have the unique opportunity to be able to bring healthier choices in snacking to our schools, gyms and businesses. We are not one of the “big” impersonal vendors. We are local, community based, and we understand what customer service means and how important it is. We are excited to be a part of bringing H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending to Sacramento and the surrounding areas.

Why we are the best healthy vending service providers in Elk Grove:
• Fast and personal service- direct contact with us, the local franchisee…no pressing 1 for a directory
• Straightforward healthy philosophy-we believe in what we do and the products we provide
• The most updated, energy efficient and trouble free machines on the market
• Products you and your customers want
• Flexible payment options-cash, credit and debit