Meet Your Downtown Houston Healthy Vending Expert & Social Entrepreneur

Corban & Erica Bates along with Shelley Levine work to bring Healthy Vending services to Downtown Houston, TX!

Why did you decide to join the HUMAN Healthy Vending family?

HUMAN’s core purpose is aligned with ours. HUMAN’s vision is to make healthy food more convenient than junk food. HUMAN contributes 10% of its proceeds to charitable causes that fight childhood obesity and malnutrition. Why? We are committed to a healthy lifestyle. We are committed to our families and our community. As parents, grandparents, and future parents we are committed to modeling a healthy example for our children and grandchildren so that healthy habits become their lifestyle as they grow into adults. We are committed to modeling “pay it forward” to our families and our community. “To whom much is given, much will be required.”

What do you like best about being a social entrepreneur in your community?

As a group we have been blessed in our lives. As a social entrepreneurs we are are able to “pay it forward.” Obesity, especially in children, is taking a huge toll on our country, both physically and economically. Rather than leaving the solution to the government or business sectors, we chose to be part of the solution by working to find and solve the problem. By showing our community that there is a healthier option for snacking, hopefully, we will change the way our community views healthy snacks and persuade them to embrace a healthier lifestyle. One location at a time.

What sets you apart from the “average” vending operator?

Houston Healthy Vending, LLC is comprised of a diverse group of partners. Our partnership group includes an active military partner, a certified fitness and nutrition educator and former school administrator, two trial lawyers, and a physician and medical director for a number of national and international companies. We range in age from 26 to 74. Each partner brings a unique and valuable perspective to the table.